Friday, 22 July 2011

back garden/ bamboo ninja

Oh dear sweet wonderful readers, you thought I had abandoned you didn't you? No I have been thinking of you often, just haven't gotten around to actually telling you. I know, so selfish *shakes head in shame*.

We have been working on the back garden some more (and of course when I say 'we', I really mean Andrew, I am merely a helper in times of need) and it's looking pretty darned cool.

Though this time last weekend Andrew was attacked, viciously and without due cause by one of our Bamboo plants. Yes!! Who knew gardening could be such a dangerous hobby, sometimes ending in a trip to A&E! Whilst re-potting one of of our oldest and most loved bamboos (re-potting with tender loving care of course) Andrew was jabbed in the eye by a bamboo stem - oh the travesty - like a ninja it damaged his cornea and he had to go to the hospital. Luckily he is now okay and the good nurses at A&E gave him some good medicine and inflated his head by telling him that he had the best eyesight they had seen in a long time even; with his affliction he's 20:20. 

<  Which can be clearly seen by this photo, lol

Apart from that little bit of drama, all has been rather mundane at the lottie. Weeding until the sun sets her weary head, only to be back hard at it again the next visit! Where the blasted heck do they all come from? I'll tell you........ the unoccupied plots all round the place - ggrrrrr!

Back to the garden and a nice deep breath. We have a mini version of Harland and Wolff's cranes out there now, look - I only realised just how alike they were today when I took the photo. We ought to paint them yellow, hahha. But no, this is the basis for our pergola and look at that hammock :) There shall be rafters on it in no time and a beautiful climber and a little decking underneath for yoga-ing on :) Eeek! It shall be divine.


  1. OMG! Carrie that must have been scary! Yes once in a while we catch a few accidents while working in our gardens.

    I'm so happy to hear that Andrew is alright and his got 20-20. He has done such a wonderful job helping you create your little paradise.


  2. Ooh look after Andrew! I once reached down for a bit of ... and got stuck in the eye by the thankfully BLUNT end of a pruned branch. Moral of the story wear your glasses ;~)

    Your garden is a growing delight!

  3. OOh a hammock! We need to see a picture of you relaxing with a seriously large cocktail in your hand!And you could plant a palm tree right over it too!

  4. Hope Andrew is fully recovered. Love your hammock. We have one and it is the best place in the world, weather permitting! Having said that, we left ours up all winter and I was lured into it more than once on a few of the better days.

  5. Whoa! I hope Andrew's fine now...hmm maybe he should wear goggles if he plan to deal with them next time..your hammock is just wow...

  6. Looking good! Thank goodness that Andrew was okay. Mmm, a hammock! Flighty xx

  7. A dangerous game this hobby of ours, I almost put my back out the other day lifting cabbages! Good to hear Andrew's made a full recovery and the back garden looks great!


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