Sunday, 26 June 2011

Our Back Garden :)

I have not been well and thus have found it very difficult to come here and write anything. Believe me, I have tried and I have failed on a number of occasions to do a little post. My depression and anxiety has been terrible and I am sorry to say that this time, no amount of Ecotherapy has been able to fight against it. Yes I have kept up my photo blog but it wasn't easy; I have even found it hard to read other blogs I love. Sorry if you feel I have neglected you dear reader.


The Back Garden has come along a pace with Andrew being off for a a few days and the weather holding out. I painted the back wall one fine day when the builders saw fit to paint the new townhouses behind us. I shall not be out done :)

Andrew has been rendering. Naturally he reads about it, gets the materials and is an instant success. Really I have yet to find a DIY project that has stumped him! I love a man that can turn their hand to anything ~ reminds me of my Papa. Plus all the plants are settling in and growing well :)


So indeed, revel in the glory of the back garden now. It's been a while since you came over to visit :)

The rendering was the bit that Andrew was most worried about getting right but it's perfect and I am very proud. We got the materials needed to do the work from Mamma G for our wedding anniversary. And today Andrew took his birthday money (his birthday was on the 24th)  and bought 3 lovely large black glazed pots in a sale - yay! LOVE that!

Lottie news. We're eating lots of -
new potatoes
green garlic
lettuces of lots of varieties
broad beans


  1. You're posting so you're having a better day?

    Your garden is going to be magnificent. The bones look inviting and the beech leaves are flourishing. Looking forward to watching it all grow, with you.

  2. Diana - you angel. Yes today I was a little stronger and I wanted to share it with my friends. Thank you for the kind words about the garden - I'm so proud!

    I'm dedicated to reading my fave blogs tomorrow - so see you then xx

  3. I wish you good days this week.....Lettie
    Garden looks wonderful!

  4. Oh Lettie - we must talk, I missed you xx Thank you

  5. I love your back garden it's looking good. Good for Andy he's doing a wonderful job. Good for you, you are posting and supporting that smart handy man of yours and you are going to be fine! More strength and blessings to you.

  6. I bet your garden is a sun trap with all those light coloured walls reflecting the sunshine!

  7. Vetsy - I'm just super lucky to have him :) I'm a little better today so thank you for the strength, maybe that's what I'm feeling :)

    Sue - sometimes, it's too warm and too bright!! hahahaha, perfect suntrap :)

  8. i have to agree, your husband is awesome! i'd love to have a little backyard garden like this someday... and my fiancé and i wouldn't even knew WHERE to begin!

    it's really coming along and you have no idea how excited i am to see it when it's finished. maybe someday i can visit and see it in person :)

    i hope you're feeling better, carrie *hug*

  9. ah Andrea the garden gate is always open to you xx
    For a small fee I could organise classes with Andrew for all partners ;)

  10. Wow it's coming on really well! And Andrew is certainly the DIY King, I can't compete there, serious lack of motivation!!

  11. Okay okay let's stop making Andrew's head bigger and bigger, hehehehe xxx
    Damo - consider the gauntlet to have been thrown down!! You can do it ;)

  12. Carrie,

    I'm glad you're feeling better. I read all the comments and agree that your garden is looking very spiffy:~)

    You are lucky with your hubby. My dad was like that. He could put things together or learn a new skill with ease.

    What's this about a photo blog? I just found it on your site. So, cool. I'll to visit!! I love your have so much talent.

    I wish for you many more good days:~)

  13. The garden is looking good and will be a real joy for you next year once it has weathered a bit and plants have grown. Take care! Flighty xx

  14. June is just such a productive time on the lottie! Wonderful stuff. I really envy your raised beds there, no more bending down!

  15. Ummm I just wonder if you'd consider hiring King Andrew out? Nah, don't blame you! tee hee

  16. Debbie - everything is possible for the right price, hahahahaha


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