Wednesday, 1 June 2011

He who dares wins

They have marched into the fray, 'gone over the top' of the watering can, all teeth furiously bared and battle has indeed commenced!! 'Arrrgghhh' is the guttural war cry that is too microscopic to hear but I know it's happening. Leather jackets, sawfly beware we have sent in the troops; no longer shall we bare witness to your terrible attack on justice, on the right for our plants to grow and thrive and be consequently eaten by us, not you, you good-for-nothing scoundrels!!!

Oh I know you can feel the fury of righteousness in your bellies, your pulse is quickening too isn't it??? Though, like me, many of you are pacifists you know, deep down, that sometimes violence is the only answer!!

I'm talking NEMATODES!! Well, it would appear I am yelling about them with some gusto and an scary anger that obviously is repressed (I should maybe seek help for that.....)

We went into operation 'Kill the Cads' on Tuesday 24th at approximately 19:46 hrs. A quarter of the pack did 5 beds and early indications show that the enemy is still thriving - darn and blast it all. Though I did find ONE dead leather jacket in amongst the broad beans, so maybe it was but the first of many fatalities.  Time will tell....

I just thought you'd like to know :)
say NO to leather jackets


  1. I have never used beneficial insects like nematodes in my garden before but have thought about it.

    I have heard about their benefits, so I'm very anxious to know how they will work out for you..update me when possible.

    Get them! Nematodes Get them!

  2. I didn't know you could buy nematodes for woodlice. We have used slug ones in the past but have just to large an area to cover and they are fairly expensive aren't they? Hope you win your battle.

  3. I bought nematodes for slugs a few times. I don't know if they worked or not, because I don't know what it would have been like if I hadn't done it (if you see what I mean). Death to them all I say!!

  4. Carrie,

    LOL I loved this post:~)May the Force with You or perhaps, that should be "May the Nematodes Be With You!"

    I have visions of nematodes dressed in armor, slicing and dicing their way through the monsters in your garden. It will become a movie called "Nematodes vs Cads" and win an Oscar,unlike "Alien vs Predator." Eventually, they'll make a video game out it:~)

    BTW On a more serious note, I'm learning a lot about gardening each time I visit. I thought leather jackets were flying bugs.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Vetsy - I shall definately keep you up to date! I'm very interested in this whole thing myself. Thank you for the cheer on for the heroes :)

    Sue - We managed to find some for a decent prize on line, it takes a good bit for digging around or you could do what our friends across the field did and get some between you and a neighbour :) x

  6. Matron - slugs are the one thing these nematodes don't do. That's the problem with the whole thing I guess - you never know if it was totally worth it. Death to them all indeed - arrrrrghh! x

    Sara - You are hilarious I love you! Leather jackets are the grubs of crane flies so you were right :) Learning all the time - isn't life fab, I love people who are curious too. xxx

    Andrea - I'm trying to get every last one - darn and drat them xxx

  7. Good luck Carrie, hope you kill them all. I fed some snails to our resident thrush the other day and took pleasure in watching him bash them on the driveway before tucking in!

  8. Am also 'dead keen' to hear the results. I have started using "slug hunting" as an excuse to stalk my garden at night and have a sly cigarette.... may be cheaper & healthier to buy the Nematodes! Have been looking them up online also since you brought them to my attention, so a little gutted if it is true that they won't solve the slug issues... x

  9. Damo - tis only natural and therefore right to feed 'the enemy' to the birds :) Well done you!

    Mamma Wild - there are some nematodes that kill slugs! oh yes there are :) I would much rather you spent your money on them than smoking - naughty girl!!! x


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