Sunday, 12 June 2011

Andrew's solo lottie sojourn with a camera

Well as you know I haven't been the best (thank you everyone for your lovely comments - I have the most bestest followers ever!) so Andrew took the camera at my request when he went to check up on the lottie on night. Here is the joy he brought was great to feel up to date with pictures, not only a brief summary.

Firstly Andrew visited our 14b plot  :)
looks productive and quite tidy!

beautiful sweet williams

climbing brolitti beans and runner beans
broad beans grown well

Then over to 24a :)
the salad bar and a sneaky blueberry pot

the 2 sister approach to sweetcorn and squash growning


the main crop spuds

 autumn raspberries and the friut tree sromping away :)


Then he crossed over to the other side of the field were a small gathering of men were cooking their amazing catch of mackrel, plucked from the sea at Whitehead. Well done boys! With a master butcher on hand they were gutted with precision and smoked  - Andrew had a little and said it was good, this little pup would no doubt agree :)

To me this is exactly what allotment commaraderie is all about - forging friendships, hanging out together and eating good fresh food you have grown and as in this occasion caught yourself. What a great little party.


  1. Dear Carrie, it was so sweet from your Hubby to take these pics for you and keep us updated!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you go to the Lottie again and enjoy it thoroughly!!!! I so wish we lived closer to eachother, I would love sharing my beloved Nature with you and taking you along on my long walks amidst trees and flowers!
    Get well soon sweetie, I'm awaiting you here at your Lottie!!!!! :) But until then... take it easy! Infections get a way into our bodies when we are too hard on ourselves (same happened to me), let's learn to relax!!! How does that sound for a deal? ;)

  2. Its good to see everything coming along beautifully :) my hubby does same when i cant get places.... so its still good to see what ive missed. Hope your feeling much better and wishing you be back to full-ish health soon :) x x x

  3. Ow wow, am so jealous! I'd go nuts if we had folk nearby to show us how, never mind share their home smoked fish!
    By the way your lot looks great - well down you 2!

  4. The lots look great. Going to check was a nice outing for Andrew. Maybe soon you'll feel like going along to touch the earth.

  5. Our sweet Williams are a bit sparse this year having laid under snow for ages and then had a lack of water. We really needed to water the food so sadly the poor flowers were a bit neglected.

  6. looks and sounds like such a neat little place to escape to... and it looks beautiful and lush!

  7. Yes everything looks nice, neat, and tidy. That smoked fish looks delish!

    sending you peace, health and luv on the wings of the Universe.


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