Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Love amongst the brassicas

Well I made it, I was at my lottie on Saturday. She had waited for me and she needed me just as I needed her. I felt better for the knowledge that I was going to help her back into order, cutting the grass, weeding around our precious food and basking in the glorious bird song and vibrant shades of green. It had been raining, hard, but we went as soon as it stopped and staid until a huge new rain cloud arrived. It was nice.
My illnesses have been putting a stress on home life; I am glad to say that both Andrew and I are human and therefore susceptible to the odd argument and feelings of distance. But Saturday morning greeted us both with a stronger energy and a dual desire to be happier - it's good for your health. ;) We wanted this past weekend to be all about spending time together and riding with the ups and downs with a little more grace.

Soppy I know, but I don't care. We have been having a rough time, me with the deep low in my depression and a blasted infection and him with work stresses and trying to care for me at the same time. Both our heads have been in melt down and the weather has done us no favours. Honestly I am really sorry to hear that so many people are experiencing drought but I guess the opposite - dark days and rain all the time over last week is just as depressing.

Anyway that's it, just a short post and here my lovelies - the lottie sends her love to you too in thanks for being so kind and supportive xxx


  1. Good to see you both in a better place.
    take care

  2. aw, that picture of you and Andrew is too cute. Good for you, for recognizing that you just need some quality tome together. Time outside, spent gardening together.

  3. ladies, thank you - *big stupid grin and blushes*

  4. Good to see you've taken time out to just be together at the lottie.

    I can sympathise with Andrew - being shut out of someone you care deeply for but being unable to make a difference is heartbreaking, let alone having work stuff to deal with too.

    And hurrah for green spaces and growing stuff to land us back on our feet every now and again.


  5. This is well cool! Nice one, Carrie - hope the looking forward continues for you both.

  6. I can understand how Andrew feels too - desperate to help but not knowing how to. It's a shame we can't all just have our fair share of rain isn't it?

  7. Celia - Nature is a healer alright. I know how awful it is for Andrew, I have been on the other side of depression too, he's a trooper. I love him xxx

    Caro - WELCOME and thank you I wish for the same. Looking forward and not being overwhelmed :)xx

    Sue - Yep, Andrew is in a difficult place and it really isn't fair. As for the rain I could put buckets out and post some to you in zip lock bags ;) xxx

  8. Carrie girl I love the picture of you and Andrew having a little "snog" ? at the lottie .. there is no such thing as soppy when it is so sweet and touching .. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well and poor Andrew hasn't been either .. but those moments when you are able to connect really help and keep you strong together as a couple .. hold on to those sweetie : ) You will be OK .. both of you and Maggie too !

  9. I like soppy.
    'Nuff said ;)Mo

  10. Without all the ups and downs.., LIFE is definitely too artificial. A plastic life or life of robots.... We just have ride along..... Glide along would be a better expression.

    Happy Gardening again and again.

  11. Matron sends you hugs, and Leo would probably cover you in wet kisses!


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