Monday, 4 August 2014

So much news

First may I say to you all...
Happy National Allotments Week!
The society only covers England and Wales but I am not about to let that stop me from celebrating my Plots! Okay so there are lots of events lined up for those who do live in those countries but it doesn't mean we can't all love our little patch even more and maybe allow ourselves a bit of cake so something ;)

In fact, though it was in hindsight a really daft thing to do, I visited my plots this very morning. I got a great haul of broad beans and some flowers for posies in the house. Was it worth the horrendous panic and now the exhaustion?? The jury is out. But in Maggie's case Yes, yes it was worth it, so much to sniff :)

selection of some of the flowers on the plots today - '' ~ an allotment blog


It's this very blog's 6th anniversary on Friday and I am hosting my very own giveaway. My giveaway isn't too fancy, I'm really not great a approaching companies for freebies. So this is a much more personal affair. I shall be giving a lovely book 'How to Grow Food - A wartime guide' with a personal book plate to glue into it, also a few of my own little greetings cards (from my online shop).

Giveaway prize to celebrate 6yrs of blogging - '' ~an allotment blog

 The entry for it starts today and the winner will be announced on Thursday. The competition is open to  all - simply leave a comment and an address of some sort to help me contact you should you be victorious.


This humble blog has also been nominated for blog award alongside some fabulous people. I am not one who goes all into for these things but just once in a while it feels nice to feel you're good at something. Everyone chosen is good in their own right and no matter who wins I shall be happy that has done this for us.

If you do feel the love however... Here is where you can vote for my work.


Love and hugs
Carrie xx


  1. Happy NAW and blogiversary. I've already voted for you over on Easysheds. I like the look of your giveaway so fingers crossed...! Flighty xx

  2. Glad you managed a visit to the plot, even if it was hard. I'm with you on the celebratory cake idea. Well done on 6 years of blogging, and for your award nomination, it is very well deserved. CJ xx

  3. I noticed we were in competition but I'm hoping we finish something like joint second! I say second as there appears to be a runaway winner but second is good isn't it? I'll give you a big hug if we both make it onto the podium!

  4. Happy happy blogaversary! And the flowers for posies at home were so too, worth it!


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