Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WW1 How we dug for Victory - infographic

The lovely Kate Southgate (from Crafted), designer of this incredible infographic poster wrote to me a couple of days ago and offered to let me use it on my blog. I was honoured.

Kate is a very talented graphic designer indeed and the poster is a great quick historical and sociological look at the Dig for Victory campaign. I love having such arty friends :) I'm sure you shall all enjoy it.

  Victory Garden Infographic

I am in no way promoting Notcutts here, I have no idea who they are, though they sound nice in their write up.

Love and hugs
Carrie xx


  1. What an interesting post. I've read quite a lot about food growing the WW2 but not WW1. Flighty

  2. Very interesting post! There wasn't any rationing in the US during WWI, but there was rationing during WWII. However, rationing ended in the US several years before the UK.

  3. What a lovely poster. I'm intrigued by the amount of sugar allowed in rations, there were sweet tooths back then I think! CJ xx

  4. Norcutts have a chain of garden centres, We are heading to ine near us at lunchtime for lunch and browse.


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