Friday, 15 August 2014

Saturday on plot 24a

Exhaustion as truly hit home this week; every couple of hours of each day I have had to take a nap, just in order to keep going. These periods come every now and then and though I do get frustrated and maybe a little scared, I know it won't last much longer. Giving in and feeling lazy are not my style but it's what my body needs.

Now any remarks on my birthday coming up and that this is all down to age and ...I shall look for you, I shall find you, and I shall slap your face with a wet lettuce leaf!

This is maybe part of the reason why I am so very tired this week - the hard work we pushed into a few hours at the allotment on Saturday last.

My work -
* Cut grass with push mower

* Weed leek bed, general bad spots on plot and the back bed (scary)

* tie back flowers and try to deadhead whilst being sniffed by bees

Andrew's work -
* rip out the second batch of broad beans now they are finished and get all last remaining beans off those plants, including seeds for next year :)

* plant out more broccoli under netting moved across from older settled in broccoli plants :)

* deal with bolted lettuces and spinach (which was a non-bolting variety!) It's my personal opinion that lettuces need to be in the back garden = easier access and used all the time.

Please do enjoy the other beauties in that bed (and further up plot). Everything has done well in 24a so far.. Only bad thing about it is us! We arent harvesting as we should and eating/sharing/storing! Ooops
Sweetcorn tassels; Kohl rabi; courgettes and flower; Autumn raspberry; Rudbeckia.

Love and Hugs


  1. I don't know though, we are getting on at bit though, you and I ;) [Remaining vigilant for enraged Carrie and wet lettuce leaves in Derbyshire] Lauran x

    1. Oh lauran why?!! I warned you and everything...beware I will strike when you least expect it ;)

  2. I'm glad it's not just me who has a scary bit at the plot and isn't quite on top of the harvesting. You've done some good work there though, and it always amazes me what a difference cutting the grass makes. I'm off to google cucumber recipes now... I hope you're feeling more energised soon, but in the meantime, listen to your body and rest when you need to. CJ xx

  3. Rest looks like you did a ton of work. Okay, I can't resist. The words "bolted lettuces" cracks me up. In my mind, I see lettuce heads trying to bolt, like horses, from your garden and you and Andrew running madly after them, yelling to each other, "Catch them before they escape!" It makes me giggle, which is very much appreciated.

    I've had a computer glitch issue and had to redo my theme, as well get help in putting things back to order. I was totally freaked out because everything seemed to go wrong at once, but, in the end, I learned a lot and hopefully, things are back to order:~)

    Have a nice restful weekend, Carrie!

  4. It looks, and sounds, like you had a busy but worthwhile day plotting. Flighty xx

  5. Sweetie no wonder you are tired ... I have no excuse as you do (is mine old age ? NOOOOOOO!! I refuse to believe that) .. so we are both in the nap mode for a while.
    The allotment is looking so good! .. You two are doing exactly what you should be .. no more .. now less ... just perfect so no worries !
    Take care !
    Joy : )

  6. My remaining lettuce has bolted as well, the carrots need thinning again, and I haven't been prompt about harvesting my strawberries...sigh. Always something....take a nap and dream of your bountiful allotment.

  7. Happy happy birthday, Carrie!
    I did enjoy the beauties of your plot, but also seeing the results of chores for you and Andrew. Well done, both of you!


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