Friday, 7 March 2014

Smug yet humble too

I took the below photos this every day on my camera phone...which can mean only one thing....I was at the lottie today!!

Collage of smugness - 'Grow Our Own' - allotment blog

I could look back and work out exactly when I am was able to do this last but I've already spent too much of the last 2 hours in happy smugness and celebrating this huge achievement with a glass of pink lemonade :) I believe it was summer last year sometime. Anyway it isn't something I manage often and though it isn't that far to walk, I must confess that simply opening the front door has been a serious challenge over the last months. 

When one has mental health difficulties the rules and norms change and even the very simplest of actions can become great feats. So come celebrate with me - the past has taught me that this feeling won't last too long.

This is yet another amazing thing about having an allotment and indeed having a dog like Maggie - there are factors that pull you through the darkest of periods and give you something to work for. Granted I didn't get down to our plot but it had been raining all night and the ground was sodden, plus just as I arrived at the sign - it started to hail!! WHAT?? 

This was a sign for me from Mother Nature; you may think me silly. I believe that it was pushing too much to go further and nature in her wisdom confirmed it by sending down a short, but oh! stingy on the face, ice ball shower to wake me out of my smugness. Thank you.

Seriously though - 'take that Depression!' But in a humble and grateful way *blush*

Which so much love and great big bear hugs
** P.S. We have 10 celeriac seedlings :) 3 Mini Daffs in the garden, the tulips are still growing strong and the snowdrops and crocuses are continuing to give joy. Oh and spuds are chitting away. I shall update properly very soon.... **

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