Sunday, 16 March 2014

In the meantime..

I hope you like this and sense the intensity; feel the passion and let yourself go.

There's lots going on with us this Bank Holiday Weekend and music has played an important role for me; that universal art that resonates inside in the soul and knows no barrier. It calms us, elates us, taps into deep feelings such as nothing else can....

Loads of writing to come in the next week and I think you shall be surprised and proud :)

Love and hugs
Carrie xxx 

Public Domain Clip Art - Shamrocks - St. Patrick's Day
Oh, plus HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY for tomorrow x


  1. This is just wonderful!!! They are amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing this goodness friend....a wonderful day to you tomorrow! Nicole xoxo

    1. They are inspiring, right? I love their version of Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' too :) hugs and love to you Nicole xx

  2. Replies
    1. And to you dear Sue! Hurrah for the complete lack on snakes on our island. Plus t think he did that one but yay! anyway xxxxx

  3. As Sue says Happy St Patrick's Day! Flighty xx

  4. I have you in today's post - as one of the 3 Irish blogs I read. Happy days!

  5. Wowzer, that's quite amazing. Thanks for the link Carrie, I really enjoyed it. Intense indeed!


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