Friday, 1 March 2013

Spring time = smiles

I can barely believe March is here, but the birds are singing so sweetly, the newsman said it was Spring now and so many flowers and trees are coming back to life >
to the allotment we go !!! :)

Hugs galore and may happiness be in your heart


  1. Meteorological spring though Carrie. We have no daffodil flowers but the crocuses are putting in an appearance.

  2. Oh pish posh Sue - he said the word Spring!! Really all I care about is that the word has been used and I 'feel' Springy xx

    We have narcissus all over and crocuses and tulips getting huge (they must be going to flower sooon!

  3. I can't believe it's MARCH already! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Happy Spring to you and much happiness in your heart, sweetie!

  4. It will be here in less than three weeks :)

  5. Sue and Keith - just worked out where you 2 are coming from; you're thinking of the Spring Equinox, which is different than real Spring. I love the old traditions and do celebrate the equinox.

    Annuk - you my dearest are an Angel - sending you smiles and happy vibes xx

  6. Spring Equinox is real spring :) It's the weathermen who have meddled as their maths needs whole months :D

  7. What a nice springy post! Flighty xx

  8. The word is it will be:~)

    Love the picture...the details of the petals, the crispness of the yellow. It's just lovely:~)


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