Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Excellent progress on the plots

First off I want to tell you it was snowing when we went to the lottie on Saturday - we are so hardcore!! Okay so it was hardly anything but at least it shows our commitment and it could have got bad; we didn't know, we didn't care.

I managed to finish the wedding of the flower bed - hurrah. There was one utterly gross bit there in front of the very faded sign and the pointy bit... There was 5, yes count them, 5 hand trowels full of maggots. Boke! They were wiggly and fat and I couldn't find what they were eating but it was a moment of pure 'I am woman, hear me roar!' - I didn't even squeal (though I felt like it inside). Now I really need to sort out the grassy paths and make a new sign, then I'll be much happier

Raspberries moved

Andrew has wanted to do this for a while now as the summer raspberries were really awful to harvest over on 24a with the trees blocking access down one side. Plus they were throwing out new shoots into the paths over there and needed a lot more room. I am so impressed that he did all this by himself and the berries will be easier to pick and protect - I swear, netting is going up and "birds! listen up; they're mine this year!"

Strawberries Weeded

I took on the task of weeding the Strawberry bed. It doesn't look that awful but it was and the pure clay that is in there was a nightmare on the trowel; my new cotton gloves were caked in it, I really need plastic ones or something more manly, but my hands are tiny. We used to have asparagus in here, but we're thinking that we may put some new crowns into the vacated summer raspberry bed. When it was an asparagus bed loads of compost, sand and grit was worked into this soil and it was delightful - the blasted rain and subsequent flooding of the field every winter seems to have removed all that goodness and the soil is simply only good for making pots or bricks - arrghh. I ended up getting very peeved and chucked loads of clumps into the far hedgerow.

We didn't (either of us) see a single worm during all this digging - isn't that just awful? Not one. But the new growth particularly in the flower bed has brought us many a smile. The narcissus tete-a-tete's continue to bloom double headed and those spots of yellow are joy itself. And the red rose has gorgeous new shoots coming and looks so healthy - beware aphids, I already have my eyes on the lookout for any signs of you - keep out!

Lastly I must share this sad sight. One of our gnomes has died in a most gruesome manner, falling off a high post (he ought not to have been there in the first place, just saying, cough, cough) and like Humpty Dumpty, he was just beyond help. As a dedication to his memory he shall be used as crocks in the bottom of the next pot we plant up. Farewell little friend......

 Hugs and love


  1. Great job!!! :)
    So sorry for the gnome though :( Maybe you could turn one of those shards into a ring or pendant? (hehehe that's "recycling Anna" talking!)
    I LOVED your comment! Your comments always make me smile! :D

  2. You already have narcissus!!!!!!!

  3. You have been busy - I bet your gloves are rock hard now - I have the same trouble!

    I bet the worms have drowned

  4. It's going to be so awesome so see the springtime pictures of this :)

  5. Inspiring!!

    Looks like you have been very busy!!

    It has certainly given me inspiration to get on with my own jobs!!

  6. Okay, we all make word substitutions, but I loved this one: "wedding of the flower bed." Oh, it evokes such as nice image.

    I see the flowers standing in attendance to the main couple, perhaps two of the narcissus tete-a-tete, holding hands with each other. The rose shoots are looking on and saying "Ah, what a lovely couple they make."

    You have made see gardening in a such a new way. I've never been a gardener, but I love visiting your site and seeing what's changed and watching the new sprouts emerge via your pictures.

    I am sorry about the gnome. At least his remains will be put to a good use.

    I hope you smile a lot this week!

  7. Thank you thank you thank you for not taking pictures of the maggots. Gah.

    I love how gardening is full of learning -- like learning that there's a better location for your raspberries!

    Love the new daffs.

  8. My you have been busy, but all worthwhile as it's looking good.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  9. Looking really good! RIP Gnome.

  10. Your a motivator! Well done...RIP Mr. Gnome :)


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