Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Looking longingly at Friday

Oh this weather is a killer! We didn't manage to get to the lottie at all last weekend and this weekend looks crappy too - but we have hope for Friday :) Always with the hope, it's a gardener's mantra. Painting to be done, beds to get sorted and seeds to be sown =  happy times and spring is coming.

So, sadly I have little to show you but I shall get you up to date with the shed make over and the work Andrew has done outside in the mud.

Second coat in some places but it's really starting to take shape and I have been buying some accessories for it and making some too :) I will come together in time and it shall be glorious!
Andrew dug up our huge rhubarb and spilt it in two, planting them over at the top of 14b. We are going to make that whole area a fabulous non-fussy place with plants that don't need moving and a purposely wilder feel with our new round bed up there. We are so glad the ground up there has been covered with carpet since we got it - so easy to dig and hardly any weeds able to take hold (though now I've said that we shall return to find the place a mess of dandelions, right?? I've just jinxed myself).

He has also tidied up that mess of a flower bed and put mysterious posts into the ground just to the left, hummmm.....
Where that large rhubarb was (in the coffin bed) we now have our third Blueberry bush - hoorah!!! That 3rd bush has been sitting along there since we left Mamma G's to move into our new house and now, finally it has a permanent home. Plus we are going to cover this bed with a cage of netting to try and keep those pesky berry stealing birds out - I shall have my own Blueberries this year! Huzzah!!

I have started a Pinterest page for allotment produce and ingredients. Ohhh I have desires to go mad and make as much as humanly possible this year.

I shall take photos of my accessories when we do get back there, as I know you can't contain your excitement  - I can feel it through the net, haha. My fingers are itching to get painting again, white, bright, happy white!!!


  1. It looks like it's going to be quite beautiful! I can't wait to see all the future pictures :)

  2. Would you like to come and paint inside our house? That should cure those itchy fingers.

  3. It's looking lovely. I liked the line: "Ohhh I have desires to go mad and make as much as humanly possible this year." I hope this desire will come true!

    Also, I wish for you and Andrew sunny weather. I could use some sun myself. While it's warm where I'm at; it's also constantly cloudy.

  4. So much promise in these photos, Carrie. Hope your projects turn out fantastic!

  5. I very much like the white interior, very bright and airy. Andrew's a clever chap - a day bed - will you ever get any digging done though now! Steve, Liverpool

  6. Looking good! Great to see lots of photos.


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