Friday, 1 February 2013

It's not January anymore

Yes!! Today saw the start of the year (January is a bad word in my mind - I try to ignore it with all my might) February is here my friends and I can barely stand the joy. It's only a wee month and then bam! it's March etc...

For this auspicious occasion I went out into the garden, simply desperate to find springy-ness and hope for the year to perk me up. Here is what I saw....
So happy the Beech hedge is filling out and the box hedge is smelling fabulous and looking so healthy :)

 Yes! Big, fat, juicy tulip bulbs are popping through all over the place :)

 AIliums and lots of tete-a-tete bulbs have poked through and are looking super :)

 See? more!!! ;) Plus the Jasmine is happy and grew so much last year - I have happy tingly feelings :)

 Still the snowdrops keep coming; so delicate and so very white they glow :)

And the winter flowering cherry has been in bud for ever, I love it but never more so with the blue sky behind it -  blue sky is the bestest thing ever :)

I am smiling a lot today as you may have noticed and the weather looks okay for tomorrow too = Allotment Time!! Happy Days :)

Love and hugs and Happy February to you :)


  1. Love the way you've captured the signs of the spring! It's coming - yay!! Happy February!

  2. HAPPY FEBRUARY, sweet Carrie!!!!! :D
    I LOVE February too! We always have the first little spring flowers in the woods here, I'm always on the outlook to find the first signs of spring too! It's true rebirth!
    These are indeed HAPPY photos, darling, thanks a lot!!! :) And enjoy! :)

  3. Yes spring is definitely edging nearer - we have lots of bulbs popping up too and the birds are starting to be a little frisky.

  4. Beautiful photos!! Spring is definitely drawing near...even though it's 18 degrees here today and snowing like crazy :)

  5. hope your lovely photos cheer you up at this miserable time of year

  6. Heli - thank you so much for your comment - Happy February, spring is on it's way xxx

    Annuk! - sweet angel, happier days are here or yes. I love your wood anemones so get photographing :) Love you xx

    Oh Sue - haha, I heard the birds today calling out for mates; love is literally in the air!! May your bulbs bring joy :)

  7. David - your comment and absolutely gorgeous yellow rose/blue sky avatar has made me smile in my heart - oh those days are coming again :)

    Optimistic Existentialist - it was 2 degrees today here and just plain damp but I was happy at my lottie painting away inside the shed :) I laugh at the cold, I'm in too springy a mood :)

  8. HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY! You certainly found springy spring. Look at that gorgeous sky. Can't wait until your tulips start. Love love love that flowering cherry!

  9. From the photos there looks to be plenty to keep you happy over the coming the months, especially the tulips which I seem to recollect are your favourites!
    Take care, Flighty xx

  10. Nikkipolani - the tulips are making me so cheery I can't wait :) That Cherry tree was a gift from me to my hubby (I have cherry blossom tattoo), it's settled in well.

    Flighty - you are the best! you remember my favourites, oh you are perfect boyfriend material, hehehe xx

  11. Hi Carrie

    It so nice to be in February at last! I can see blue skies today and spring bulbs are peeping out of the soil. Yesterday I was at my allotment emptying my compost onto the soil, my poor muscles are really aching today. I have started planting my seeds and even have a globe artichoke seedling popping up already, I only planted it 4 days ago so I guess the seeds are eager for the spring too! I love, love your photos, they make me want for a better camera! Have a happy day x

  12. I couldn't agree more with the restorative powers of new growth in a garden. The pictures are great. Also, I was reading a few of your previous blogs and I have to agree with your husband. Joy Larkcom's books are the best that I have come across -
    Glad to have found your blog site

  13. Welcome to my blog Tom d :) Thanks for your comments and for making Andrew feel even more justified in his love for Ms Larkin xxx

  14. Wow. The picture of the flowering cherry is gorgeous. I could look at it forever. It's amazing how blue the sky is.

    Our weather is cloudy, cloudy, rainy and cloudy. It seems the sun has left us for the time being. Even so, it's still warm. My Japanese Magnolia fully bloomed and is now losing its flowers. It's a strange winter where I'm at.

    I love your garden and most of all the excitement you get from it. Planting and watching seeds emerge from the ground is so rewarding.

    Yeah, February!!!

  15. Sara :D - Our weather is crappity poo poo these days, I swear that day I was out in the garden was the nicest in forever! And it only lasted a morning.
    I adore Magnolia trees so stunning but our garden is too wee for one, though like you, I love my cherry :)
    Hugs and love xxx

  16. What beautiful photos. I can't wait for our cherry to finally start blossoming, just got to get the snow out of the way...again! Take care. Chel


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