Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Woooo Hooo I'm a guest blogger

I have to share the news cause life has been super tough this year so far and this has made me quite pleased indeed. I was contacted my Thompson and Morgan seeds and asked if I would write a blog post for them on Ecotherapy. Now it must be said, I get contacted by people a lot wanting me to big up their products or shops but I decline with thanks. This time though the lady I was speaking with, Rebecca, was a delight and she actually got me and asked my to write about my passion; to share the idea that gardening could help your low mood, anxiety levels and stress. So I said " YES, PLEASE"

Click the link and see :)

oh and if you truly love me, I would exchange free hugs and kisses for a comment left other there *shy smile*.

Thank you and have a fab day - it's sunny here - hurrah.
Love ...


  1. Oh Keith, thank you so much. I think I love you :) xx

  2. We're thrilled to have you on our blog, thanks for your lovely words here too :-)

  3. Excellent! I'm heading that way right now :)

  4. I'll pop across a have a peep when I have a minute Carrie.

    I had a similar request from T&M but it was to just write a post and I couldn't think of what I would write for them that I didn't want to use on my own blog. Maybe later!

  5. Well done! Take care, Flighty xx

  6. I don't think they could've found anyone more perfect for that post. Well done, you!

  7. Thank you everyone - it was exciting but now I really must get back to business... xxxx

  8. still clearing my Reader and catching up. Congratulations!


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