Friday, 25 January 2013

Our Shed Makeover pt1

Oh my the weather!! If you haven't already suffocated and frozen under the snow, then I guess you are like us and are just swimming along the streets and enjoying the glorious mud :) Yay!!  Either way I am sure the vast majority of you are feeling the low of not being able to do the gardening - goodness we can't even dig the soil here; getting to the plot from the car park is scary and exhausting enough, then the spade just gets sucked down into the depths of the earth by the 'quicksoil' (like quicksand but not really) and then you just want to cry but it's too cold and the tears freeze in your eyes and now you can't see, ho hum :( You become your very own plot Scarecrow.....

So here are some catch up photos of the plot from the last time I actually did any work and from the day when Andrew took me down to see his hard work inside in the shed.

The 29th of December - Andrew decided to rip off the big collapsible bench from the front of the shed and as it turns out, he did it just in time! The wood below was beginning to rot! This led to a furious conversation where we shared loads of ideas we had been playing with in our noggins and ultimately it was decided to turn the shed into a cosy hideaway.  Just like the Pinterest board I have been creating for ages now :D

First we needed to protect what we had so it was off to get paint and filler we went.... (all this took probably as long as it has taken to write it down).

You may like to see just how happy painting a shed can make a person - oh yes, just get some music on in those headphones and groove my friend - dance like no one is watching and what not. I also think it is highly important to choose a colour that complements your nail varnish and if possible, one that is the same colour as your handbag, lol. (Seriously we only noticed that it was exactly the same as my bag when we were leaving).

Ohhhh, look a  before and after type photo - really I want to get the rest painted but painting in the rain and gale force winds is not a good idea (so I hear), especially when the paint is water based.
During this day and the following when I was extremely ill with man flu/ the end of the real flu, Andrew was down there alone cleaning out the shed and then inside our shed here at the house being very manly with wood and power tools :) He built the basis of the best cosy shed interior ever!! The first photo in the following series was mind blowing but then it got better - eeek!!

So much stuff was able to go to the dump, lots came up here to the house where it will actually be used and the rest has been (very cleverly) hidden away in some super amazing storage. Yes everything we need is still in there yet there is now room for a person to stand, to sit, to lie down, have friends with them AND a dog. Basically it's a party shed, hahaha. Before hand it was either myself or Andrew got to stand in the shed out of the rain whilst holding Maggie.

It's just too ingenious to even explain properly but basically:
1) there is a huge storage bin on wheels with most of our stuff in it (including the lawn mower),
2) it has a little shelf above it,
3) then there's a fab higher shelf which also magically slides out (what?!!) and
4) when the box is brought forward the top shelf sits on top and is exactly the same height as the lower shelf = day bed! AWESOME!

Naturally this is a project that will have a few blog post instalments but fear not I shall share the glory of it all with you!!!!

Love and hugs, oh and may your bulbs be poking through and bringing you joy and hope my friends xxxx


  1. I look forward to seeing the progression of the project!!

  2. Oh goodness!!! Your magic storage box/shelf/daybed metamorphosis thingie is sheer genius!

    You will need splendid cushions :-)

    ps: have been doing a room makeover and also have a daybed ;-)

  3. it's so cool, right?!! I can't wait to get stuck in and of course to share it all with you xxxx

  4. How perfect can it get ??
    No bulbs poking up here .. the weather has been so extreme from -34 at one point to maybe rain in the next few days .. talk about headache weather ?
    I'm holding on till our proper Spring though !!
    Joy : )
    PS .. love the paint colour !

  5. It's so satisfying getting prepared isn't it?! The storage in the shed is a great idea...and so tidy. The sun has just come out here so hopefully it will melt the snow and I'll start to see the bulb shoots rushing to catch a bit of it! Take care. Chel

  6. Our shed is a retreat too but in desperate need of a tidy/clean out

  7. Love the bird box and will be stealing that idea. Tomorrow I will sit in my shed contemplating the year ahead coz gawd only knows that come May I will be running around like the White Rabbit wondering where all the time went x

  8. Wow, love the colour and the storage/day bed, great idea! I'm going to paint the inside of my shed at the allotment white, my other half thinks I am mad, but as someone who suffers from depression too, it is really important for me not to spend time in a dark dreary place and hopefully the white paint will really brighten it up and make me feel better. Hugs, Helen x

  9. Joy and Chel C - oh the bulbs, the bulbs, I can see huge fat healthy tulip bulbs in one of the beds in the garden from where I am sitting and the world feels like a better place :) Roll on Spring xxx

  10. Sue - Good for you!, it took us this long as we didn't have a shed at the new house until recently but the retreat idea is genius!!

    A wee tidy up is nothing!

  11. Debbie - I made that bird box with my own 2 hands!!! Me! with my double vision and a saw. If I can do it anyone can :) The first year it was up we had a very successful nesting pair of Blue Tits and they had lots of babies :)

    Ruby-ru - Ours shall be white inside too :D It does seem a little mad what with the mud and everything but just as you said I want a bright and cheery space and lots of bright colour from my cushions and wee curtains. Great to see you here leaving a comment xxxx

  12. Hi Carrie
    I am now a follower! Such a great blog! Thank you so much for having a look at my blog, I have just posted some pictures of my titanic dress and some baby guinea pig photos too! Hope they make you smile, off to sow my leeks now xx

  13. Carrie

    I loved this post. You sound so good and it's fun to see the shed "shed" it's old look. I loved the picture where you're dancing...btw that's one of my favorite quotes.

    I was also very impressed with your Pinterest board. I adored the picture of the baby elephant holding the tail. And the photographs of doors. They're one my favorite photography subjects, as well:~)

    Try to stay warm and hopefully more sun will light up your life!

  14. Sara! I love your comments so much; the shed, shedding it's old look - oh you are the Queen of puns :)

    Thanks for your nice comments about my Pinterest pages, I love it, so addicitive but also very inspiring. I'm off to catch up on your blog xxx

  15. You deserve a pat on the back for that shed makeover. The paint colour is fantastic as it blends well with that garden setting.


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