Thursday, 28 March 2013

An Invisible Spring

The fire has been quashed in the belly by the ever present suffocating dense layer of white cloud I see everyday. We are lucky in terms of no snow or floods here but still this coldness never recedes the sky is only occasionally blue in tiny blotches and I feel so terribly empty inside.

It's a daily battle with myself to try and inject some hope that the better weather will come around. We don't see a point to planting seeds and why go to the plot when it is so sodden and I freeze in next to no time. Mother Nature and Ecotherapy are really toying with me these past weeks and the feeling is like that of being winded by a punch to the torso.

Then of course I feel guilty for being so pathetic when there are millions of people worse off than me sitting here in my warm home, safe and with access to all the water and food I need. I guess this is just how depression works, right?

We have broad beans, lettuce and sweet peas in our potting shed (kept warmer or at least frost free by a church candle burning inside it).  I know the garlic is ready to go as are the potatoes which are always planted on St Patrick's Day but not this year. We should have beetroot sown and leeks and lots more including flowers but what's the point; the weatherman said this cold and damp will probably last until the end of April.

My Spring is hiding and I need her. 

This was us last year, look at all that sun and the nice dry soil *sigh* .....

I hope for you at the weather is treating your area better and you still have that glow I so long for, that flicker of joy in the new life that is appearing, that tinge of hope for a great year now winter has passed. I am making more arty things these days instead and trying hard to connect with people in the flesh - keep the hope alive my friends!



  1. Love the yellow flowers. What are those? Daffodils? tulips? I hope you have a good Easter weekend!!

  2. Oh my sweet Carrie, I'm SO longing for Spring too!!!!! Same situation here, sadly... invisible spring -- cold and grey, grey and cold. It feels like end of January instead of end of March. I need Spring to revive my juices too, I can really see how you feel, you said it so well and I can relate so well!
    Let's keep the flame alive! :)
    Tons of hugs!

  3. Hey Keith - they are Tulips, lovely bright yellow tulips and hopefully next time I get to the plot they will be up :) HUGS

    Annuk - oh my darling we are one and the same. Thank goodness for our creative side and love of colour. Love you sweetie and will catch up on your blog posts soon.

  4. A similar story here, we still have snow lingering in shady spots like our courtyard and the field ditches.
    I have broad beans, onion sets and garlic ready to be planted out when the soil defrosts! And sweetpea plants all ready to plant around wigwams. Leek seeds are sown in the greenhouse and I have some leggy tomato seedlings in te propogator in my studio.
    I doubt whether the potatoes will be planted tomorrow, Good Friday is the day my Dad said I should plant them.

    btw there's a little project as an antidote to the weather, on my blog ;-)

    Celia x

  5. Carrie I think that we all feel as you do at the moment thanks to this relentless winter weather.
    We're also all getting rather impatient wanting to get planting and sowing in our gardens and on our plots.
    I'm sure that spring when it does appear soon will be a brilliant one that we appreciate all the more for being late.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  6. I wish they'd told us they were going to move Spring til later. Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr xx

  7. Oh Celia you are in exactly the same boat, is it really bad that that makes me feel a little better? lol I have to go see you distraction now, naturally. Hugs xxx

    Flighty - I love your outlook on life. Yes, when the better weather comes we will feel it all the more for the wait :) Though I'm still rather impatient.

    Debbie - bbrrrr right back at ya girl. I love my blankie!

  8. Nope - it's awful! Last year my have been notice at this time but it turned and zapped lots of things . Let's hope this year when the weather remembers that it is spring that the good weather will stay and treat us to a summer!

  9. I'm thinking of you Carrie and hoping that the weather warms up for all our sakes. I have heard tell that a fantastic summer follows a cold spring...

  10. We've had a little sun here today and it's cheered me up no end after all these drab days! Still far too cold to plant out or do any major gardening jobs though. Here's hoping for the warm weather to arrive soon.

  11. Patience...Spring will be with you soon and you'll be out that garden, planting your seeds and watching them grow:~)

    Trust me. I don't watch groundhogs, I watch yellow finches (little birds sometimes called wild canaries). Mine have almost disappeared. They always go up north, which means spring can't far away.

  12. We are having lovely autumn days. Blue skies, not too hot or too cold, perfect for gardening. Hoping for a nice soaking rain to soften our clay soil. Then I'm going to plant jade plant and spekboom and muishondblaar - to fill those bits of the garden that don't want to play nicely.

    Sending you a little sunshine to keep you going till your spring is delivered.


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