Sunday, 17 March 2013

St Patrick's Day

Oh what a let down, it was all going so well until yesterday when it rained, then there was sleet then snow and rain all day, all night :( St Patrick's Day is our traditional day for planting the spuds but no, when we arrived at the allotment (bright and early - go us!) the paths were enough of a giveaway - the ground was sodden. If you are into rotten potatoes, fine go ahead but I kind of like them to be edible.
So I would like to share with you our back garden instead :)  There have been some improvements and the swelling of buds and bulbs has been bring joy and loads of birds. Oh yes! we are officially on the map as the place to get your seeds and fat balls.

The hard landscaping

I am so lucky in my 'catch'; my hubby can lift his hand to anything and does each and every thing he puts his mind to with perfection. It's actually a little bit annoying at times that he can be so awesome, ggrrrr BUT he does remind me of my Big Papa in this way and that causes me to love him even more!  Our main trees and bamboos are finally settled and starting to grow; I feel this summer will be luscious.

He made this >
A super fab screen to stop over-looking
And we have further plans to make this area fabulous. Number one is getting rid of that umbrella.
Plus look at how happy our Christmas boxes and beech hedge is looking; happy and healthy and if I could use my nostrils....supposedly the Christmas box smelt wondrous.
The Acer buds, beech hedge bud profusion and cherry blossoms

The pretties that bring joy

Look at the joy, the yellow shiny bright joy that is the glorious tete-a-tete, on mass it is a happy pill that works through you merely seeing them. Of course the tulips are coming too and I am really looking forward to that. In the photo below the black pot has some long forgotten tete-a-tetes that had sprouted in the shed :) And those terracotta pots are going to be full of tulips.

Then over in the tea garden haven the snow drops are slowly giving way to the colourful crocuses. 

Garden accessories (very necessary for maximum enjoyment!)

We finally bought ourselves a little bistro set for the tea garden, it's only taken what feels like forever! We got this little marvel for a steal in a huge Scandinavian shop whose colours are blue and yellow and they love their meatballs....I hope you get my drift.

I was also very fortunate to be sent these little beauties from the lovely people at Jo Alexander. And yes, they were a gift in turn for a wee name drop but oh I do so love them. This is my style - simple, elegant and timeless. I look forward to long lazy nights outside, with wine at our bistro set with candle light; I already have quite a number that hang down from the pergola but I am a fan of lights dotted in the foliage.

Hugs, more soon,


  1. My plot is well soggy again after the weekend rain.
    Your garden is starting to looking colourful, and getting plenty of birds is good.
    Flighty xx

  2. Our potatoes are staying in the greenhouse too.

  3. I'm very impressed with that screen-building. It's a very handsome solution. And your new bistro set is marvelous. Reminds me a little of the sets I've seen in France.

  4. You take the most amazing flower pictures:~)

    Hopefully, the weather will change soon for the better and you can the potatoes planted.

    I really love your back yard and the lights are very nice.

    Have a great day, Carrie!

  5. Flighty - Sorry your weather is so wet, it's putting a real damper on everything *like my pun?* Hugs sweetie, I will get your marigolds planted this weekend!

    Sue - The shed is a safe place these days :)

  6. Nikkipolani - He's very good my hubby is he not :D Our wee garden feels like it's getting more secret all the time, I can hardly wait for all the trees and climbers to grow grow grow! Plus you totally got it - I picked that patio set because it reminded me of Bistro sets from all our French holidays :)

    Sara - you always say the nicest things *blush*. Today it is horrendous weather and I fear we my never get to plant another thing ever *totally over reacting but it's how I feel at the moment* - woe, woe is me :(

    Thank goodness it's Friday and I am going to do my big catch up on all my blog reading to cheer me up xxx


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