Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Where is Summer? Why here, in this post :)

So the weather is being crappy and we are all feeling like we are living backwards; each day is more autumnal than the one before. The plants aren't growing, (well the weeds are but that is a different matter), the wind is rough with new babies we have so carefully tended to and the alll grass pollen still somehow manages to end up in my nose and eyes even though it's been raining so much. To be honest owning an allotment is a love/hate relationship and the love hurts, it really can hurt us deeply. No matter how hard we try, we just never manage to grasp control over the situation. The amount of love we pour into it ends up being reflected back on us with the same ratio of pain and basically....it sucks.

I hope you are all doing better than us. Here we are in a little bit of a depression and the words we all dread to think were in fact spoken aloud today....'I feel like we should just give up'. Of course we aren't but the idea can be very appealing.

So to cheer us up and to show some love for the beauty and colours that we did witness 2 weekends ago, I am going to share some photos. No advice, no boasting, just simple reflection.

a parcel shelf of promise

cherries ripening (fingers crossed)

plums fattening up - this excites me

Californian Poppies are so happy

Artichoke and Snail :)

flowers and berries, beans and bees

stunning rose petals

a wild bouquet of loveliness (and hayfever)

nettle tea, fermented for a year now - stinky but oh so good (and our gnome)

perfect little allotment scene

stunning healthy roses in another plot - what's their secret???!

same plot as before - one of 2 horses!?? What talent, what jealously.

Brassicas - pigeons KEEP OFF!

The gooseberry thinnings


  1. Can we trade some rain drops for LOTS of sunshine from Rhodes??? ;D
    Great photos, Carrie!
    Loads of love from Rhodes!!!

  2. Hi Carrie, the weather is seriously frustrating my gardening efferts this year too. All my pumpkins died and other seedlings which look ok until I plant them out are rotten at the base!!!! Plus, yes, I seem to be getting hayfever this week which I can't understand as I don't normally get it and its so wet. Boo hoo! So chin up carrie and carry on. P.S, I love the artichokes, I must try them next year.

  3. It really is dire this year isn't it - maybe we will have an Indian summer

  4. I am counting on a Indian summer too as I have replanted lots of veg the slugs have eaten, I am getting the devils next year with Nemaslug
    PS love all your photos

  5. We're separated by an ocean and most of the US, but we're having the same weather. My weeds are the size of small countries and are taking over. Many veggies didn't germinate due to the cold and wet...we are 5 inches over our average rainfall for this time of year and the temperatures are correspondingly low....Grr!

  6. Gooseberry thinnings look tasty and the allotment scene is really nice!

    I know what you mean about 'shall we give up'. Some times the task of owning an allotment can be arduous, but I do feel the positives way outstrip the negatives. Trying to get Amy in to it has been difficult, showing her all the effort she has to make to get something she could buy in the shops so cheaply. But now that we are harvesting things she can see the benefit too.

    Keep going, look forward to reading many more of your allotment based posts!!

    Martin :0)

  7. David - how lovely to meet you! Nemaslug, ummmm, let me know how that goes for you, please. We are trying out beer traps soon and at the minute the ground is just covered with little blue pellets which I know is wrong, unless Andrew did actually get the organic ones I asked for, ummmmm, must ask about that! Grrr slugs are the ENEMY!

    Kath - hello way over there *waves* oh, it does help having a good moan I feel. To know that people across the world are feeling the seem is somehow comforting. Sorry you're in the same boat! but thank you for sharing xxxx

    Martin and Amy - It is so worth all the pain and heartache when you get to eat and share your gorgeous produce. Oh and the joy of it plucked ripe from the plant and popped into your mouth - ohhh you can not buy that feeling! xx

  8. I love the pictures of your allotment - especially your mix of flowers alongside the raised beds ... Beautiful! :-)

  9. Wooly Green - a huge big "thank you" to you xxx

  10. It'll be better next year! Flighty xx


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