Friday, 29 June 2012

Ohh a fancy blog button to share

I was asked today by a delightful man if I would send him my html share button. Well, I didn't have one so whilst my 'jam' was simmering away I made one and here it is for you all to look at and maybe even use on your own blogs. (You don't have to, I shall not be upset!)

Simply copy the html (computer code) bit and put it into your html gadget thingy in the layout section of your blog and my wee photo should come up :)

So hugs and stay tuned, I have photos and a recipe for a tasty compote in the works... xxx


  1. since we've been admiring your new header, that is rather fun!

  2. I'm sorry - those instructions are way to technical for me! ;) Nice button.


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