Saturday, 16 June 2012

Have I told you lately that I LOVE you??

Here is what I would show you if you came to visit us this weekend. My favourite things in the allotments at the minute, my loves, this weekend is all about LOVE.

1st you would see the Welcome sign and the pretty flowers on the shed :)

2nd I would show you my honeysuckle, it smells amazing!

3rd We would dander down to the fruit arch for some shade (for naturally it would be a sunny day) and we would have a lolly each :)

4th Maggie would give you a rose because she's big softy

5th You would get to pick broad beans with me and come home and have a lovely fresh, zesty risotto :)

Or 6th You could pick some turnips, potatoes (check out that weird one which is two grown into each other) and some super tasty green garlic...
little 'Purple Milan' turnips are the best ever!
But 7th you see, I probably won't be there....I'm all lovey dovey you see .... on Sunday I shall be married to my bestest friend ever for 7 years. So on Saturday we are going to have a lovey dovey day and go to a fancy restaurant that night and on Sunday, another lovely dovey day and a trip to the museum (and then the lottie).

 Happy Anniversary Andrew  -  love you more each day


  1. Happy anniversary to the both of you!

  2. Lovely, thanks for showing me round! Happy anniversary, and enjoy yourselves this evening and tomorrow.
    Flighty xx

    PS Maggie is the little softy as I'm the big one! xx

  3. Getting married Carrie?

    I wish you and Andrew happiness and sunshine!

  4. AWWWW Carrie, you are such a sweetheart!!!!!! I would LOVE to visit you at your lottie and enjoy all these sweet and lovely things!
    Happy anniversary, you two love birds!!!!!!!! Enjoy your lovey dovey days! :)

  5. Happy anniversary indeed! I love your new photo together, too. And the garden tour was priceless. Thank you for sharing -- the ups, the downs, the sunny, and the sad.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Have a great, lovey dovey weekend :)

  7. Congratulations and best wishes for all the fabulous years to come!

  8. Happy anniversary. I know I'm late in telling you this. I hope the dinner went lovely.

    I thought of you as I traveled by train and passed tons of lotties growing in the sun...well, there wasn't a lot of sun, but you get the idea.

    Love these pictures!!! I hope all is well with you:~)

  9. Best wishes........ Have fun and leave lottie alone for a month... :)


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