Monday, 3 November 2014

Your Allotment in November

Can you believe it? November is upon us and the clocks have gone back and the shops are filling up with Christmas decorations! I was even looking at coats yesterday and bought a hat, this isn't right, I DON'T do winter.

However, just because all is darkness and cold and rain doesn't mean there aren't things to do in the Allotment and wonderful food there to be harvested. So take those dry moments and run to your patch - here's what you ought to be doing and could be eating.

Plant out your:
* Garlic
* Any fruit bushes or trees you may have purchased
* Get those spring bulbs in the ground, deep down and snuggly warm. You'll thank me later, these first heralds of brighter days are a must for the soul.

Like us you could be eating:
* Celeriac (ours failed this year)
* Carrots
* Chard
* Kale
* Kohl Rabi
* Leeks
* Parsnips
* Pumpkins from out of the storage area

In the past we have also had:
* Brussel Sprouts
* Jerusalem Artichokes
* Scorzonera

Above all else this is the time of year when you get those beds cleared and dug over, adding the organic mulch or manure of your choice. We love the old Horse of Cow poo but have also used seaweed in the last years too. Covering those finished dug and nutrient rich beds is also a great idea. This protects them from frost, an overabundance of rain and allows the soil to stay a little warmer; the good insects and worms etc will love it too and you'll get less weeds.

Fantabulous Quote for the Month ahead :)

There is a part two of this to come as well - more the fun, warm, imdoors type :D

Love and hugs my friends


  1. Such a great summary of what to do this time of year in the garden! Loved this post lady! And that quote is fantastic! Wishing you a lovely autumn...November....still can't wrap my head around that either!!! Nicole xo

  2. A helpful, informative post. I've done all my major plot jobs and will be winding down for a winter break over the next few weeks. Flighty xx

  3. Our celeriac always failed - we've given up on in :(

  4. I really need to get down to the plot, but it's been so wet. I shall try tomorrow and Wednesday, I hear there will be sunshine. So much to do, so let's hope so. CJ xx


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