Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Winter Warmers

A hot chocolate made with lots of froth and a cheeky little gingerbread man are the things I need right now. Oh and a blanket and for everyone to stop driving around and making noise and for me to have a wee dose....

It ain't happening and holy moly a huge stream of light just reflected off the window of the house across and way and I'm temporarily blinded. Still typing though, I'm awesome like that :) lol

Although work was achieved on the plots at the weekend I want to share with you those things that made me feel all warm inside, literally and figuratively. Sometimes I feel there are just too many photos of soil and muck and rain on the internet at this time of year that I feel it my duty to liven things up.

First we simply must talk about the new gas heater in the shed and if you haven't got one - get one, they are fabulous. We also recently purchased a new 'welcome' mat and another blanket - you can't have too many blankets. The whole shed has been cleared out and now there is space again to sit and indeed be warmed by the fire.

Maggie had her jumper on but she couldn't truly feel the benefits of the new heater as all the good smells and interesting noises were outside the shed. In the end she was a wee shivering wreck and went to guard the car by sleeping really hard on the back seat.

Here are a few photos from around the sites near by. Top row ~  One stubborn and glorious dwarf sunflower, still lots of cosmos about and a rudbeckia from 14b. Bottom row ~ one of our sunflowers with the seeds well and truly being devoured by the birds, a sweet sort of weed in the main path (I love everything with colour at this time of year) and a snail, yep he was inside there sleeping, I felt suddenly that snails have it right - carry a cosy house around wherever you go - dastardly clever.

I'll show those photos of messy and then cleared areas some other time but for now, it's cold in this here house and I need a nap with a blanket. Maggie has it right - she's been snoozing like a champion all day so far ( I love her little snores).

Hugs, love and stay warm friends!


  1. My what a lovely tidy shed you have my dear x

  2. A warm and cosy post is ideal for this time of year. Lovely pictures as well. Flighty xx

  3. Love the photo of you in the shed, you've made it a lovely place to be. Beautiful photos of your late flowers. I hope you and Maggie enjoyed a nice snooze together. The perfect winter activity, I'm half asleep myself. CJ xx

  4. We got a strange look when we went to buy floor vinyl for the shed - plank design of course, It was when we said we don't want an expensive type as it is for the shed! I certainly stops the draughts coming through the floorboards. Maybe we need to plasterboard the walls too.

  5. You look happy sitting in the shed with your space heater:~) I love space heaters. I have one in my office and one in my bathroom (essential:~)

    I looked at the weekly weather in the UK because of my daughter living there. It cracked me up because amidst all the showers and various description of rain, the last day showed the word, DREARY. If I was to prepare for this day, I would plan on sleeping in:~)

    My favorite picture is the eaten sunflower. It's kind of cool looking...okay this will sound strange, but it looks a bee hive with used matches sticking out of it:~) But I'm just pleased it helped feed the birds.

    Be well and be happy!!!

  6. That has got to be the nicest shed I've seen -- a place to sit and get warm and enjoy the wintry light? Beautiful. Your photo of that rudbekia makes me want to plant some. And maybe I will! Fall is a great planting time for California -- the hot hot hot has finally gone and we hope to get a wee bit of rain.

  7. I hope you're doing OK, sweet girl.

  8. Love your beautiful shed x


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