Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Mustn't grumble

Okay so I'm not going to lie to you, it's bloomin' nasty out there even though they said today would be nice (nice for November that is). It's sunshiney but good grief the grey patches are like, well, seriously grey.

It seems going by this paint chart that it is literally 'smouldering' out there, smouldering with a little touch of 'celestite' in some areas. I don't like this, I think I shall have to schedule in some time for a cry later, after I finish this post.

So how are you?? What's it like where you are? Have you been able to do any gardening at all or is it all simply a muddy slushy mess like ours?

At times like this I find it's best to just turn away from the windows and look at lovely things online. I put together a lovely collection of gardeny-ness from the Etsy website - do enjoy.

I would very happily have every single thing in this collection, especially the dungarees, I think it's the best form of clothing for the allotment there could possibly be. You could be fighting with the weeds and bending over all afternoon long and never once worry about your bottom being shown off to all who care to glance your way. I must get me some dungarees (though cheaper than £75) - a revolution has begun!


Today I also received a gorgeous Cape Aloe plant from those kind and friendly people from Jersey Plants Direct. They even gave me a really cool information sheet about Cape Aloe history, the benefits of the gel it produces and even the best way to harvest the gel! I am going to read more into this; I'll share my findings: D

I tell you, he is in the kitchen, on the window sill for emergency burns! He's really cheered me up.

So off I go to read the information sheet and then drive into the depths of the internet to find out even more :) We'll all be experts by the end of the week, hahaha. And if you want to name him, I am open to suggestions ;)

Love and hugs


  1. The same load of washing has been on the line for 2 days, with an emergency wash in the middle, due to unexpected rainfall. Perhaps I should sue the BBC weather app thingy for the cost of a load of washing. Fingers crossed it dries at some point. I have a pair of old maternity dungarees that have a second life as diggin' dungies'. I get some funny looks sometimes, but they are sooooo comfy I don't care. I am cheering myself up by sorting pretty fabric, and refolding it all in the craft room on this slightly miserable cold day!!!. xxx

  2. What a wonderful collection of Etsy pieces you found! They said the same thing here but it is rather chilly today! Wishing you a fun time doing your research!! Nicole xo

  3. It started sunny and was noticeably cool this morning but was pouring with rain by mid afternoon, and the plot is too soggy to do anything but I'm not grumbling (much).
    This post and the pictures made me smile. And as for all the fancy names for those shades of grey!
    Flighty xx

  4. Prom night, Celeste and at best, Cloud Burst here. I was ready to go to the allotment, for the first time in ages, as the forecast was NOT rain. It tipped down on the school run, so that was the end of that. I feel your pain. Love the look of the Penguin "Soft Fruit Growing" and the bee mosaic. Everything in fact, good finds! Tomorrow the sun will shine and we can all do some allotmenting. Wishing you a good day. CJ xx

  5. for burns I prefer to use the gentler kinder leaves of Bulbine. Have pots lined up ready to go with us, but I see there is already some growing in our new garden.


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