Tuesday, 28 October 2014

home truths

Do you ever feel like the world has chewed you up and spat you out on the ground, covered in slimy saliva? Well that's exactly how I've been since we came home from our trip to Brittany. Though to be fair, I wasn't all fairy dust and unicorns whilst I was there either.

I'm not good with coping with winter and now the clocks have gone back I'm miserable. I hate these shorter, darker, cold and damp days. I catch everything out there and daren't go to the Lottie as I get so cold and end up with a sore throat etc. Which I have right now.

In a nutshell...winter is wick!

Andrew went to the plots for a little while at the weekend. He dug a bit and he planted our garlic. I love this collage he made to show me his work.

Isn't it fabulous to be growing your own garlic for free each year. These cloves came from some of our best, biggest bulbs lifted earlier in the year.

As for myself at present, I'm working on my Christmas decorations for my other life as 'Oh Cherry Blossom'. It really is keeping me sane and making me feel happier. Though naturally I can hardly believe it's so close to November already and I do sense a little itty bit of pressure to get my creation numbers built up. I am so lucky and so thankful that I have had 3 customers already.

Love to you my dearest reader. I hope to be back soon fired up by plants and all things growourown :)


  1. Hello Carrie girl : )
    I so understand how you feel about winter ... I don't mind the dark evenings as much as the dark mornings ... our clocks haven't gone backwards yet but that is coming ... the first 2 weeks of November are very hard here with the build up of Remembrance Day .. John suffers with his PTSD from the military ... and I worry ... so stress is a huge factor during that time.
    Get that over with and Xmas will be here with son and daughter-in-law to visit so that will be nice : )
    Hope you will glide through this time more easily !
    Take care dear heart !
    PS ... that garlic adventure looks wonderful !

    1. Awwwk, dark mornings but then also the getting dark by 4pm, I can't bare it. So sorry to hear this is a difficult time for John, I don't know what to say.
      Christmas sounds good this year, you are a lover of Halloween I know, but everyone home for a wee while = happy Joy.
      love and hugs to you xxx

  2. Sorry you're feeling rough Carrie, I do hope things improve soon. The Christmas decorations are lovely. And I like the way you've reminded me that the garlic is free. I always plant my bulbs from the previous year too, so we never have to pay for garlic either, it's nice to think of it like that. CJ xx

    1. Yay!! Free garlic all the way and we even know a place for fresh wild garlic too - you can never have too much.
      Thank you for your kind words on my Christmas sewing activities xx

  3. I know what you mean about the dark, cold and wet. We'll set the clocks back this coming weekend and then it will be dark when I go to work and dark when I come home. I only see my back garden on the weekends. This time of year is hard on all of us who suffer from depression, but I try to remember that winter is followed by spring and since I live in a maritime climate we'll have crocus in February which is really only 4 months away.....not that I'm counting. Take care sweet girl!

    1. It just feels dark all the time - yuck! I do feel more depressed myself but daylight simulation bulbs have helped a little in the past.
      We live by the sea too so those crocuses are super important to be too, them and the tulips! Oh how I love tulip season!!
      Hugs to you petal xxx

  4. It's not a good time of year especially when it's damp and dull. At least your decorations will keep you occupied and all too soon it'll start to get lighter again. Take care, Flighty xx

    1. Oh Flighty, you've hit the nail on the head - my decoration making is one of the only things keep me sane. I have a good few built up already - eek! What if I don't sell any more - my house and shed will be pretty I guess :)
      Hugs xx

    2. oh you will sell them! They are delightful and something fresh and different.

  5. I never understood about winter in the UK until my daughter who works in London explained that it actually gets dark close to 3PM. OMG, that would be difficult for me as I need my sunshine.

    Question: What is that blue thing sticking out the garlic garden? I did enlarge the picture, but I couldn't tell.

    The Carrie Christmas Creations are adorable. I love the last one. It make me want to pick it up and hold it close. There's something about the face! You continually amaze with your many talents. I do hope you feel better and that there are some warmer and sunny days still ahead.

  6. Yep Sara, winter is a nightmare here and soon it will be dark by 3, at the moment it's dark by 4ish and I am truly not amused. I would love to have a holiday home somewhere sunny for these months.
    The blue thing is the handle of one of our hand trowels my lovely :)

    Thank you so much for your comments on my Christmas decorations. I am loving the fact that I can do them and stick two fingers up at my wonky vision. They do tire me but I think they're pretty and people have bought some already = confidence booster :)

    I'll be okay in time, this is just a rough patch. Not so sure it will ever be warm again in this country, I foresee months of cold and darkness....

  7. the good times are back, with daylight savings just around the corner.




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