Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Must do autumn work

My dear friends, I'm still thinking of you and my Lottie in the wee hours. Our holiday is going super well and the autumn colours are glorious, the fresh food is heavenly and I think everyone ought to spend a little time in Brittany. Hi

Must do jobs for the Autumn

1. Remember to cut your lawn
It's a great idea to get on top of the lawn before the really cold and damp weather sets in. If your grass does get too long as it will be nearly impossible to cut it over the winter. Early to Mid October is the last real window of opportunity to cut it so don't mis out!

2. Plant spring bulbs
If you like the sight of daffodils and tulips in the spring then don’t forget to plant them now. Once you have cleared your borders of perennials and given them a good dig over, this is the right time to get the bulbs in. Also remember to check which way round to put the bulbs as it can alter depending on the type of plant. 

3. Dispose of waste properly
Make space for a fabulous compost heap friends! 
Remember that all those dead plants and grass cuttings will equal free food for your new plants next year and stop you having to go to a nursery with everyone else - nightmare. If your council provides a garden waste collection service stagger what you clear as you could be left with more rubbish than your garden bin can take.

Plus: If you have a lot of trees : leaf mould isn't the greatest of nutrient rich compost but is does contain fungi and micronutrients which conditions the soil keeps moisture in and increases worm activity. It's a fabulous mulch come spring.
4. Protect your pots
Winter frost is the ultimate enemy for your pots, making them crack or cause layers to fall off ( a very common occurrence with terracotta pots). To protect those not in use, put them in the shed up off the ground and prepare cardboard or bubble wrap to wrap them up with . Those being used and left out all year round should be raised up or have wee feet to help fight against plants getting waterlogged.
 5. Protect tender plants
The first frost of the year can arrive without any warning and can kill your favourite foliage. If you have any plants you know are susceptible to cold weather, get them in the greenhouse soon or have fleece at hand.
6. Don't forget to lift certain veg
Early autumn marks the start of the winter-season and the end of the summer-season veg, so don’t forget to do your final summer harvest, and clear the plants away. 

This, oddly enough, is our favourite thing to do and our favorite time of year. There is something truly wonderful about getting the plot back in order and seeing clear soil again. Plus you really don't need any of those nasty grubs and bugs that would eat your now past their best plants to linger in the soil for spring!!
7. Remember to feed the birds and other wildlife
Just because you will be spending less time in the garden over the winter period, it doesn’t mean you're the only one not still craving a tasty nibble by the shed. Continue to feed your birds (any any other visitors you know of) as they will find it hard over the winter to find food, they will thank you for it.
The basis of this post was given to me by GardeningExpress.co.uk in a press realease. They conducted a survey of the top jobs gardeners forget to remember at this time of year.  I've added and subtracted information to make it more me and allotment based :)
Love and  hugs


  1. A great reminder of all of the things to do. I've just put up two new compost bins at the allotment. Still loads to do there, but the weather has turned for the time being, so I'm staying put. Hopefully it will dry out again and I'll get it all done. I'm glad you're having such a good holiday. CJ xx

  2. If we forgot to feed the birds any day there would be a feathery riot! It's also important to make sure that they have access to water - they need to bathe when the weather is cold and frosty.

  3. Thanks for this post. Most of my autumn plotting work has now been done with a few exceptions, which I hope to get done in the next couple of weeks.
    It's good to see that you're enjoying yourselves. Flighty xx

  4. Great post, although I'm slightly disheartened at all the lawn mowing I still have to do :( http://www.woodblocx.co.uk/

  5. Glad you're having a nice holiday. I agree with Sue. If I didn't feed the birds they'd be lining up at windows and doors - like Hitchcock's movie, The Birds:~)

    Love your Instagram pictures. It's fun to watch them appear. I get enjoyment out of simple things:~)

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