Tuesday, 27 May 2014

(3rd) Happy Days Project

Still loving this project of collating an instagram photo a day to make up a collage of happiness. Okay, I may have missed a few days here and there and it isn't exactly the continuous stream it ought to be but in my world some days are just best forgotten.

Anyhow, here is the third instalment of my Happy Days (varied I know, but hey, lots of things make me happy when I think about it).... Click to enlarge!

41 A night in alone :( Made better by this - bubbles and chocolate!  42 Maggie has designs on making gourmet dinners for herself.... 43 Cows :) God I love my countryside!!!  44 Never thought of this before....zebra = tiger horse ;) 45 - Damn you human!!! A bath??! I smelt wonderful. But oh, a biscuit? Well okay... 
46 -16th Century village trapped in time and cared for by the National Trust - Culross, Scotland 47Stunning golden lion's head door knob. The Golden Lion Hotel in Stirling, Scotland. 48Ohh my good god! = happy! 49Just some of the veg seedlings to be planted. 50Summer dinner no.1
51Beautiful vignette of plot 14b. It's so messy at the minute! 52Super cool elephant drawing on the community board in Starbucks today. Loved it!! 53It's true! 54Butterfly on the brambles, this showery April morn. 55Chocolate chip dog shaped shortbread :)
56Pretty important day for anyone who cares about democracy in our country! What a privilege it is to vote. 57Moving On by Ainslie Henderson. Incredible.
www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/05/movining-on-stop-motion-ainslie-henderson/ 58A mini schnauzer as seen in the wild...how majestic! 59Celery, carrots and hummus out of our new handcrafted pottery...yummy Saturday nights in. 60Tree peony at Rowallane
I'm exploring a load of different printers at the moment and have one more I really want to try before I decide on my favourite - price/quality etc. I have lots more photos on my instagram page here and am toying with the idea of selling some either as perfect little squares or as greetings cards.

* If it seems that it wouldn't be expensive I would open up the option to my readers - what do you think? *

Love and hugs


  1. I love those garden sayings like Weeds for sale "Pick your own".

  2. So many beautiful photos friend! All so glorious in their own way! A night in alone sounds just perfect! And your sweet girl is so cute as always though I LOVE that door knob! So pretty! Wishing you a great week! Nicole xo

  3. Another delightful picture selection! Flighty xx

  4. If expense isn't an issue, I say go with greeting cards. Everyone can use a selection of cards with lovely pictures to send someone a note. You could choose to put in a saying or leave the inside empty. With your pictures, I think this would be an excellent way to make some money. I'd buy some:~)

    This said, I love all of these pictures, but I think my favorite was the Tiger Horse. I didn't think of that either until you put it up:~) Happy day to you.


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