Thursday, 20 February 2014

Visiting a Nursery :)

On Sunday we made the very darning decision to go out for an hour to a local nursery (ie I have been going bonkers with this cold and this blasted sofa!). As soon as we entered we saw this display of spuds and had to stop...had to peruse and consequently buy :) 'Kestrel' was the spud that caught the eye and, well Andrew gave in right away, haha.
'Grow Our Own' Allotment Blog

British Potato Variety Database
Personally I felt amazed at being out and was more interested in seeing everything I could, including this beauties in the sunlight...
'Grow Our Own' Allotment Blog

Of course I was coughing and shivering and generally showing the signs of someone too ill to be up and out so Hubby dearest took me for a coffee and scone. Really, I used to get annoyed that nurseries these days are about 40% plants and tools, 35% cafe and the rest, gift shop be honest, on Sunday I could have kissed the cafe people for their warm drinks and comfy seats. Basically, I'd found myself exhausted in no time and in need of rest.

Back home, before returning to the sofa and my blankie, I went out to the potting shed and saw the other potatoes chitting away = exciting times. Maggie came too, you know she likes to be involved :)
Chitting away - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment Blog

Maggie inspecting the spuds - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment Blog
Back on the sofa and asleep in no time; Andrew planted the Celeriac seeds though there isn't anything to see yet but the soil in the little cells so I'll spare you any photos of that.

May your week be going delightfully, may the weather be getting better slowly but perceptibly and may you dear one, be feeling healthy and happy xxx


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