Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fabulous Culloden Estate and Spa

a.k.a. A night away in utter luxury which saved our sanity!

So I told you Andrew had organised a little break for us last Friday night to a super posh hotel, well I didn't lie... We went to the utterly gobsmackingly gorgeous 5* Culloden Estate and Spa for drinks, dinner, one of the most wonderful sleeps ever and breakfast. Some people would term this B&B but this was so much more!

When we arrived we were greeted by a gentleman in a top hat that wanted so much to take my bag but as I refused (I felt funny about being treated so posh-like) he opened the door for us and bid us welcome. This welcome was extended and dare I say, improved upon by the receptionist who not only went and said those magical words...'ah I see you have been upgraded to the Troon suite, I hope that is to your liking' = internal giggles of utter pleasure but a calm response of 'oh, how delightful!'

Our room, sorry, suite was amazing and even had its very own turret, remote controlled gas fireplace, dining table, 2 sofas and the ultimate in comfy beds and macaroons!

We had cocktails - free! called 'Christmas Crackers' - I did flag this name up with the lovely barman and we decided that it needed changed right away. I think 'The Cheeky Bishop' would be good as the bar is in what was once a church ;) Yes Culloden House was at one time the home of the Bishop of the Church of Ireland and seriously, there is a church building within it, the stained glass of which is amazing! We lounged about there chatting, drinking coffees and then went up to our room to relax before dinner.

I put a dress on for dinner and we went down to find that we were listed as VIPs and were to have a free after dinner whisky each = happy days! Dinner was incredible (all locally sourced foodstuffs which goes down super well with us, the hotel group seems very passionate about that and has booklets explaining where everything comes from) with views over the Belfast Lough (which was all a-twinkle) and delicious wine. As I am so short I was perched at the edge of my chair so my feet touched the ground and would you believe it...a kind waiter brought over a cushion for my back - I could so get used to being a VIP :) 

It was a lingering affair and the staff were lovely, so attentive and friendly; but eventually we rolled ourselves to the elevator and went back to our room and the huge flat TV screen and fire. Cue complementary toweling robes and slippers, a bed turn down and a movie :)

We slept so good (on a 'cloud bed') and breakfast had so much to offer, oh yummy! I didn't have room for the porridge but I so wish I had of as you had the option to put Bushmills Honey flavoured whiskey in it :) 

Sadly there aren't many pictures of the grounds or any of the herb garden (regularly used by the chefs) as it was bloomin cold and raining and we didn't give ourselves enough time to visit the gym or spa....but there is always next time :) 

* Here's our turret again though - inside and out. Awesome! :)
All views are my own and I have not been given any incentive to write this bar from sharing the fabulous time I had.

Hugs and love

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