Monday, 17 February 2014

Venturing plotwards

Andrew was lucky yesterday and unlike his pestilence ridden wife (me), he was able to visit the Lottie for the first time this year and get some work done. Yay!!!

I lay a-weeping on the sofa and blowing my nose, coughing and generally feeling the urge to paint a huge cross on the door to warn people to stay away....Maggie was very adorable and lay on my arm - it made doing anything practically impossible but I think that was the idea...'rest human, who will feed me biscuits if you are too ill?'

Maggie beginning adorable - Grow Own Own Allotment Blog

So, anywho, Andrew took a few photos for me and here they are...
Plot 24a, 16th Feb - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment Blog
Good bright day and look daffs well through in the right hand bed :)
Garlic coming through - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment Blog
Not the best photo but look really hard and there are garlic shoots poking through. 2 rows left .side of the bed
Afternoon's work well done - 'Grow Our Own' Allotment Blog
Lovely manure mulch on one back bed and the other all tidied, bar the leeks :)
There aren't pictures any of 14b, that would tip my sickness over the edge! But I am so thankful that Andrew took these for me - I was really devastated not to be there yesterday. The plot isn't always a great place for me, it doesn't always make me feel better but if it hadn't been for the man flu, I feel my depressed state would have lessened in seeing new signs of life and I do so love constructive destruction - ie. ripping out veggies that are 'past it' and weeding etc.

However, even though I wasn't able to go I do now feel that we have started on our long journey into happier times; a leave taking from the lows of winter, a moving on from the unhappy, unmotivated selves we have been... Come on spring!

Hugs and love (but only virtually as I don't want to smite you lovely people!)

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