Monday, 3 February 2014

Stupid blasted weather

Arrrrghh and huumpph - I'm in a huff with Mother Nature and feel she really is being rather unfair and well, down right nasty. Look at this! and it's bloody cold and getting windy I can tell you! The only upside I can see is that unlike Maggie I don't have to go out there to use the bathroom. Ohhh but I feel so trapped, my immune system isn't strong enough to venture out anywhere in that *shakes fist at sky*.

Today -

So instead let us cast our minds back 6 months and rejoice in the sunshine...
Joyful sunshine in July - Grow Our Own Allotment Blog

More joyful sunshine in July - Grow Our Own Allotment Blog

Maggie savouring the sunshine - Grow Our Own Allotment Blog
Yes, she has a bark chip in her beard, that's how she rolls :)

I know Spring shall conquer but today it really can't come soon enough.

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