Wednesday, 2 October 2013

One small step at a time

I went to the allotment. Maggie came too and we stayed an hour and took some photos, weeded a good wee bit for all the time we were there and came home before I was panicky, tired, overwhelmed or indeed had to engage with anyone. It was a success :)
She looks miserable but she wasn't really
Boy has the season turned. Maybe it's due to my not being there so often but I really saw a difference in the air, in the texture of the soil;  the summer was gone and a sleepy Autumn has come to claim her time. This is the best time of the year to truly start becoming aware that we humans push ourselves a little too hard. I feel that Mother Nature is asking me to slow down a bit, to reflect and the cuddle up; she even turns the lights out earlier, lol. I'm not into the stodgy foods, gloves and hat, or the steamed up glasses phase yet but we did need that extra jacket and though it didn't stay on whilst I dug, that light scarf was a must have - there is at least a chill though not a nip in the air.
How it stands as of now - plus my wee bit of weeding
The sneaky  Sharp's Express spuds I found whilst digging over that strip - yum
It's time to begin thinking about what we will grow where next year, what crops did well in our conditions this year and to tend to the paths, the storage, the rubbish, the soil, the compost... We now have our last crops in and they look amazing, I tell what we have next post; in no way is the growing year over!
YES!! The paths are bark mulched :) 

The leaves are just about turning here in dreary Carrick, on one or two parsnips I could see browning leaves, on the blueberries, wow, there was red; in the garden now we are getting to witness our Virginia Creeper go purple. It's still mild enough for the geraniums, dahlias and roses and the colour they bring is a welcome distriction from the grey clouds. The beans (of all types) are gone now and the squashes are cut and sitting out on the back window sill. I can see the most perfect 'Turks Turban' from right here on the red sofa, too big for the sill, it sits alone on the wall.  Really must get some photos of them before we eat them all - oh they are so good! 'Uchiki Kuri' was the one we grew most of and I simply love them, the batch we have left won't last long :)
some colour left on the plots

Namaste friends,


  1. So glad you managed to visit the allotment. A short visit is definitely the way to go I think. It all looks really good on your plot. I grew Uchiki Kuri too, and I'm really liking them. I'll definitely grow them again next year. Hope you're able to get to plot again soon and that things go well for you Carrie.

  2. I'm impressed by the photos of the allotment! It looks so nice.

    I also love the photo of Maggie with her red coat and inquisitive look. She's adorable.

    Our leaves are just starting to turn, mostly the yellow ones, but we still have a lot of stuff blooming. Our hummingbird feeder is very active, right now. For such tiny birds, they can be VERY aggressive.

    I'm pleased you're doing well:~)

  3. Good for you - really well done. Lovely colours of the flowers in the photos. The colours are the best thing about autumn but it's a shame that they last for just a short time,

  4. Ah, Carrie. You made it to the plot with our faithful friend. I'm sure she was a help. I do love your path: I like the different shapes of stepping stones and the tidy mulch makes everything seem more manageable. Believe it or not, it's starting to feel the tiniest bit fall-ish here, too. Hope you get in the down-time you need.

  5. Well done on you and Maggie going to the allotment.
    Nice to see some colour like that.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  6. Sounds like you were able to have a good time at the allotment :)

    What a great find, those Tatties :)

    I wish my Virginia creeper would change colour, I think it is a fraud, lol :)

    Have a great weekend, cheers, T. :)

  7. well done you, we enjoyed that time out.

  8. Great photos and autumn colors! The weather looks like here! :) And I'm so glad to hear you had a great time at the allotment, and with sweet Maggie it must have been so sweet! :)
    My fur baby is getting back to her winter habits... animals KNOW! They are so wise, they just know... :)
    Take care, my love! xxxx

  9. Love the pictures, can almost smell the earth. I've got bark mulched paths on mine too, but I'm trouble with weeds coming through :-( Any tips for that?

  10. Yum, parsnips. If I had an allotment it would be full of them. Lovely pics! x

  11. Hello Carrie girl !!
    What beautiful photos you have taken .. and look at your special space!
    I know exactly what you mean about mother nature helping us to slow down .. I try and I need it so badly!
    But we steady on for more strangers in the house this month to do the renovations we planned.
    Then we get a break until mid January .. I love the dark coming earlier, but it is the morning that I crave the sun.
    Don't forget to take extra vit D3 during these months .. it does make a difference !
    Take care sweetie : )
    PS .. gorgeous veggies & flowers and stepping stones !


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