Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Some happy photos of the back garden

It has been sunny now and then this week, albeit with frequent hail showers and freezing winds; so when the sun has been shining I've been out and taking time enjoy it a little. Here are just a few little snap shots of the main patio area in the warmth :)

Apart from that, there has been much work going on at the lottie and maybe on Friday I will be able to update you; I've been asleep since my first craft fair of the year last Saturday, it was a bit of a strain. Good fun at the time but I never seem to realise just how much I have to push to get through it, depression sucks :(

Anyway a wee peek at the garden ...

 We have tided up since these were taken; all the daffs have been removed and some of those weeds in the patio too, haha. We decided next year all the bulbs will be in pots as it seemed to be too much for the cherry tree to be surrounded by so much. We've also cut some the bottom branches off the tree to try and give it a better chance.
 We still have cold frame full of goodies and even had an amazing side salad with the young tasty leaves of our baby lettuce plants - yum! 'Cut and come again' is so cool :)

The sound of water in a garden is an absolute must, I just adore this well feature Andrew hand made :)
Look at that green and blue, oh please can we have more. This is me looking up from sitting on the ground to the really rather healthy pleached beech hedging and the tea room beyond.

I'll write soon about the lottie


  1. I do agree that the sound of water is a must - in our garden it draws the ears from the sound of traffic. That combined with birdsong. Lobe how proud the tulip stand - is that Maggie's ball that matches the red so well and if so does she have different colours depending on what is in flower in the garden>

  2. Happy gardening, Flighty xx

  3. Great peeks, Carrie!!! I so enjoyed! :) The sound of water is so calming... I could sit hours and listen to the sound of a creek in the woods... or the splash of a fountain. Oh, and the birdies singing and chirping... pure bliss! :)

  4. A beautiful garden Carrie, and the well is lovely. Lucky you to have such a handy man! The tulips are stunning; mine struggled this year and they've pretty much ended now, with a fizzle. Fingers crossed for much more sun and that blue, blue sky. Take care, Claire xx

  5. Look look look! Green and blue and red and gorgeous Andrew-made water feature. Hope you are soaking it all in.

  6. Blue skies and red tulips! Warmed me up looking at your photos!


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