Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A New Dawn

I've been sick, very sick for the past 2/3 days and the world has seemed like such a dark and dead place to me. I didn't sleep well last night; even though I took my medication, I was awake at 5am and up at 5.30am. Porridge was made as usual and Maggie merely grunted and snuggled farther into her bed - I sat quietly in the living room with the blinds open and watched the blackness fade away...

To watch a sun rise and see a sight such as this as the light grows stronger has done more for me and any shopping trip or great meal has done in a very long time. It was all the more potent as it felt like this beautiful morning was forming just for me. I highly recommend a sunrise for the soul xx

So today doesn't suck :) And I have already showered, washed Maggie, vacuumed the house, researched new furniture, read the news and had coffee with my hubby. I also ventured into the garden and spent some quality time merely looking and feeling the spring penetrate my skin and give me a little serving of 'happy'. See, our seedlings are doing so fine and the sight of them have brought unimagined joy to my heart, joy I haven't dared dream off; all seems okay with the world - I am still ill do not get me wrong, but I feel I can cope today.

What does a new seedling say to you?
To me  is shouts, it yells HOPE! Joy, optimism,  positive thoughts of the future,  picnics, chasing Maggie round the garden, eating food so fresh it's still warm from the sun, plates full of colour and a sense of being grounded and in touch with what actually matters in life.

I have so many photos of our new seedlings but I am so fortunate to have my best friend coming round to the house for coffee and a good old chin wag; I'll show them all tomorrow with their proper names xxx

And, with apologies to Ms Nina Simone -

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Seedlings growin' strong you know how  I feel....

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good


  1. Carrie -- What a peaceful and hopeful post. It sounds like you're unfurling slowly just like the seedlings.

    Odd for me, I got to see the dawn today as well. Our power went out and woke me up. I went into the living room and the sky was all shades of soft pink and orange. Unlike you, I yawned and went back to bed, but it was nice.

    I wish you well:~)

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL post, Carrie!!!
    Thank you for sharing these heartwarming moments you've experienced... enjoy the LIGHT and the beauty of this amazing season of awakening, renewal and growth!!! And those (heart)warming sunrays!!!!!!

  3. Sara - so lovely to hear from you. Shame on me; I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading, I must correct that tonight. Love you x

    Annuk my angel, you are a child of the sun. I'll catch up with your blog tonight as well - I look forward to your sunshiney photos and great new pieces of jewellery xxx

  4. The lifting of darkness! By the way are you entering my fire pit competition? - A fire pit would be great for your garden.

  5. I love this are a wonderful soul my friend.

  6. Well hello Sunshine! I'm so happy you are feeling better. And, yes, that seems the whole point of seedlings and spring -- HOPE!

  7. Great post, and as ever, great pics. We've had a stunner of a bank holiday weekend here in the North East of England, hope yours has been similar!

  8. your new garden is looking gorgeous. Still catching up on blog posts, I have 3 more from you.


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