Thursday, 2 May 2013

Succulent Seedlings

As I mentioned in my last post we have some great looking seedlings all ready to go into the ground this weekend - finally!
Apart from the Sweet Peas which came from a lovely friend, everything shown here (or sown here, hehe) has come from and I must say I am very  impressed with the germination rate of everything.

 * Pea 'Kelvendon Wonder'
A really popular pea variety that we have grown for the last years - oh it tastes so good and each plant gives loads of pods, each pod gives about 6 juicy peas each! It's main crop, dwarf  variety and we tend to plant some in succession through out the summer so we are never lacking :)
Maggie also likes to cheekily eat this straight off the plant - they hang at just the right height for her, gggrrrr, hahaha.

 * Broad Bean 'Aquadulce Claudia'
Okay so we really adore this bean variety and it is a must on our allotment;  haven't grown it?! you must. It is the easiest thing to grow ever, so hardy that you can sow the seeds in winter if you want (if your plot isn't swimming like ours does) so tasty you'll fall in love, so healthy and packed with goodness you will feel good just holding the packet :) You get lots of beans from these and we even get gluts so it's great that I can tell you from experience...these freeze really well :)

 * Rainbow Chard (sometimes called Swiss Chard)
Funny how colour can sometime affect how you feel about a vegetable - normal chard, blugh, it's okay. Rainbow Chard is fantabulous to look at with the sunlight streaming through it, I would have it in my garden as pretty plant :) It wilts fast but grab it take it home and cook it and all the goodness of a spinach is there on your plate but in yellows, pinks, purples - it makes me happy just thinking about it. 

 * Beetroot - 2 types 'Boltardy' and Yellow Cylindrical
Until I had real beetroot and not the vile stuff pickled and brought out at Christmas, I thought it was disgusting, evil stuff.  Now, I adore it. Roasted in the oven or on the barbecue you will find the Gault's eating beetroot all summer long. Hint - HP sauce is amazing on it!!! We always grow Boltardy and again in succession as these babies reach adulthood in 3 months so you can have loads and write Beetroot into a search engine and you will see why you want loads for yourself and your family - it's so incredibly good for you! (P.S. the clue is in the name - they don't bolt easily)

I can't remember if we grew Yellow ones last year or the year before but there isn't much difference in taste, even the striped white and purple ones taste the same; it simply makes that big plate of salad out on the patio look even better. 

 * Leek 'Musselburgh'
This had been our fail safe, go to choice for leeks since we started growing our own. They are really hardy and overwinter well even in our soil, they aren't too strong tasting and it gives you such joy to harvest something from the plot in the darkness of those winter days and they don't need lifted all at once either so not glut worries. Think soul warming soups, hearty and filling risotto - yummy. As someone intolerant to onions these have saved the day in our kitchen and we always have a load every year :)

And lastly the Sweet Pea 'Cupani'
These are my favourite sweet pea ever and I wish I could remember to plant in successions for even more throughout the summer but I never do. They are a fabulous red/pink and purple and are stunning. Butterflies like them and I generally have an arch way of them and an obelisk.

I realise that excited as I am you are probably really rather bored now; like looking at a million photos of someones new baby. Yes very cute, they look so healthy, you're happy for me, what adorable green leaves..... I shall leave it for now, but there are more seedlings and photos to be taken, so until next time....



  1. I'm afraid even the bright colours don't make chard taste nice enough for me. WE used to have a dog that stole beans in the same way that Maggie does peas.

  2. I love your selection of varieties, much like my own. Isn't it wonderful that Spring has come at last!

  3. It's all looking and sounding great. Take care and happy gardening. Flighty xx

  4. Lovely. It is indeed an exciting time of year. I've been looking for yellow cylindrical beetroot seeds since a friend gave me a couple of plants last year. I have one enormous one left that I am hoping will set seed this year. It's about a foot tall now, and four inches wide! And it has holes where slugs tried to eat it. It is not a thing of beauty.

  5. Sue - oh I am sad that rainbow chard doesn't make you happy :( I love the stuff. Love that you too have had a cheeky mutt eat your produce, haha, so cute.

    Matron - I am overwhelmed by this spring, it's late arrival has in a tissy. I've noticed over time that I always like the sound of your veg varieties too - we have great taste xx

  6. Flighty - my lovely. Yep it all looks great now, so much green everywhere just calms the soul and makes one that little more hopeful xxx

    CJ - eek! your yellow beetroot sounds, uummm not beautiful, haha. I hope it does set seed = free beetroot forever! We got ours through and they cost next to nothing. I just love different colours and freshness on my plate. Let me know if it does set seed x

  7. Wow. These look enticing. I love seeing the vegie pictures, even though I don't think I've ever had least I don't remember.

    There's something grounding about seedlings in their little containers popping out of dark soil, just waiting for Carrie to carefully lift them and place them where they can spread their roots:~)

    Sunny days to you!

  8. i'm growing Leeks for the first time this year - Musselburghs - sounds like I made the right pick (lucky)

    can't wait!


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