Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Has Spring Sprung?

I have so much to share with you yet for the past few days I have felt too ill and too unworthy of writing. You all know I have chronic depression and anxiety problems and I have felt good whilst at the lottie but when I am home again I lose the metaphorical plot and thus the computer is simply an alien machine and my hands don't do my bidding.

If you follow me on twitter you'll have first hand knowledge that some of the days over Easter were fabulous for me. I had rare moments of complete calm and happiness being absorbed in some job or another and there being no one else around.

When is the last time you lay on your back, flat out, without giving a thought to how messy and fat you look? Just laying there eyes closed to the sun and listening to Nature's lullaby; the wind, the grass, the river behind, the chickens, the song birds, the distant traffic.... I have been doing it and I promise all worries melt away for a short while and you are just you, in a field, a part of the earth, stripped back to be just the same as everyone else.

To cheer me up today I am merely going to post some seedling photos. The stories and major improvements to the plots can wait until I am of a clearer mind and can write better.

Lettuce seedlings

Those poor potatoes (well they're in now)
Broad beans - now these do cheer me up

My gorgeous Sweet peas - (thank you Anna)

** For you, dear readers and friends who give me strength at times like these and remind me that I must listen to my body and...
"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
 Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I love your persistence. You keep on and push on and press on in spite of your depression and anxiety. Seedlings are always cheering aren't they? Hugs.

  2. The robin that sings his heart out whenever we are in the garden is uplifting. I love birdsong!

  3. I am trying to add you on Twitter but the link won't work. Do me a favor - go to my page (there's a Twitter link on there) and add me and I will follow right back! I hope you get to feeling better my friend. Beautiful seedlings!!

  4. In answer to your post title...it's beginning to.
    I'm sure that as it gets sunnier and warmer you'll get happier.
    Take care, Flighty xx

  5. Nikki - my goodness we need to fight don't we? the alternative is merely a permanent solution to a temporary deep low point. I have seen better days, I know they exist so I am stubborn and wait for them. xx

    Sue - nothing quite like birdsong :)

    Keith - how very dare you! my link works perfectly (not the picture but the word twitter in purple) But I shall go to you and we shall follow one another. Plus I will get a twitter button too xx

    Flighty - you always know the right thing to say xx

  6. Thinking of you and hoping that the sun shines in your life soon. Broad beans are indeed wonderful, so green and strong and hopeful. Take care Carrie.

  7. Sweet Carrie, I love your persistence too! :) I'm looking forward to reading about more happy moments at the lottie, enjoying the spring sun and that wonderful lightness of the heart...
    Lots of sunny hugs coming your way from Rhodes!!! :)

  8. I totally feel for you. This delayed spring is making me depressed, too; the endless cloud, wind and greyness is too much even for hardened anglo-saxons.

    There is still not a single weed on my plot. Not one! By this time of year, I should be fighting 'em off already.

    The thing is, though, that it WILL get warmer eventually. This is an immutable consequence of cosmological physics. Do not despair.

  9. April is the cruellest month (TS Eliot). It's true really because the seas which help warm the land in autumn are still cold in April, but there must be a warm spell around the corner. Let's all visualise it to help it on it's way! I've been itching to plant my French beans and peas, they have even started flowering indoors. This weather has been sooo depressing. Today I went out and planted them, just hoping now that it doesn't get nasty again! Lovely to see your seedlings. It will get warm soon!


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