Monday, 15 April 2013

Garlic and Potatoes

I come before you with HAPPY news, albeit a week old ~ the garlic and potatoes are in! This is a good bit later than usual due to the crap weather we've all been having but at least it's happened now, the plants will catch up and the rain and sun has been perfectly alternating these last days so more seedlings shall be planted this weekend :)

So, I am having to slow down on my blog posts due to my poor health but as I mentioned before I will be tweeting  more gardening stuff so do think about following me. Tonight is the first time since we did this work I am about to show you that I feel able to type and hopefully also make some sense! Depression is so evil, it comes on stronger for no reason and slap bang just when the Spring I have been longing for finally arrives. What is all that about?

Never mind I struggle on and I am kind of hoping you haven't even missed me due to your own sudden spring-y induced burst of gardening energy. 
 * Got those precious seeds on the windowsill/greenhouse/cold frame? :) 
 * Is the soil getting workable? 
 * Have you bought a new pair of gardening gloves for the new year? That's pretty important to me, hehe

So photos, photos I didn't think would be taken for a while there.....

The garlic

Turning the soil over thoroughly maybe wasn't the best idea - it seems to be so clay-y. Good grief so much effort goes into the preparations and sometimes you have to wonder was it worth it :( Still we have so many and we do love it, I hope they all survive and thrive. Three or 4 years ago these were 'Solent Wight' but I like to think of them as 'Gault Wight'.

all in a neat row

The Potatoes

We chose 'Red Duke of York' this year as a just for fun crop and bought them a pound shop, they looked just as good as any from a nursery! They are in the smaller tray (left photo). Our Second batch is 'Sharp's Express' simply because they are fabulous :) This year Andrew was particualrily happy to have the larger beds (we joined the four on each side into 2 large ones each side), this time there is room for proper ridges.

Bigger beds and lots of horse manure - yay
Glorious Spuds, grow well!

The Shed

One of my projects is the painting and prettying up of the old wee shed; I simply love doing it. This year as you know I chose this gorgeous teal and I am trimming it with white. It's almost had all the 3 coats necessary, just the door to do over again :) And then I can get the flower pot shelf put up and the welcome sign and get stuck into the insides again. This is going to be a cosy hideaway alright, a place to have panic attacks in comfort, haha.

That's all for now dear readers, sorry I'm worse again but I am still taking photos and will share every progress (and failure), just maybe a week or so behind myself *blush*.



  1. Gorgeous green things! I find renewal and solace in gardening myself. What a lovely space you have created.

  2. How about painting some flowers on that shed?

    It is good to have the sort of weather to be able to garden again - hope your spirits lift soom

  3. It seems that we've both been busy as I planted most of my potatoes last week, and gave the shed a coat of wood preserver at the weekend. Flighty xx

  4. The sun is out and the plants are beginning a race with the time left for spring! Hopefully you will feel brighter yourself soon especially as you have done so much preparation at your plot and already seeing positive results. Well done you! Take care. Chel x

  5. Sorry you are still struggling so much Carrie, I really hope there is some light soon. Your garlic looks great and the allotment looks amazing, I wish mine was this together. Let's hope for plenty of good allotmenting weather in the next few weeks. And yes, I do indeed have windowsills full of seedlings, I have almost run out of space. Almost...

  6. Just planted spuds myself this morning and the garlic is just starting to poke through, great photos and hope you get some inspiration for your shed - a few orange carrots on there would look good!


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