Thursday, 18 April 2013

Glorification of Busy

You know what? I'm tired.

We need to stop being so busy and yes even in our minds.

Stop congratulating ourselves and others on all we have got done with our day; with our life so far. Who are we trying to impress? What use is a life when you are too tired to see the beauty that lies all around you, what is the point in getting so worked up over everything when they are (most likely) merely 1st world problems?

I didn't get to sleep last night until after 2am, yet again. I just had to think about all the things I could make and be good at and maybe get pocket money from. I had to make a tiny bird, just to prove to myself it could be done and with my vision so blurry then of course it would be easier next time.... I'm mad. This morning I dragged myself up out of bed and after breakfast Maggie was groomed and bathed (she isn't in a good mood right now), I answered e-mails, had a shower, took arty photos with all the kit in play, tidied the kitchen, worked on my shop, read the news and WHO CARES!! Oh my goodness, none of it mattered and yet I sit here berating myself for not having a load of crafty things made, letters written, blog posts done, photos of the seedlings taken etc, etc...

One very important lesson has been learnt today - 'Busy' is overrated. 

I need me time, I need to finish my Sherlock Holmes book, I need sleep and I need chocolate. And I'm not even sorry for it. I'll write tomorrow about depression, ecotherapy and seedlings but right now, that part of me has left the building and that's okay.

I just needed to say that out loud (Maggie really isn't interested) xx

Me x


  1. When we first stopped working we went to the plot every day treating it like a job but we have since backed of to allow for us time!

  2. Do less but do it better, and most importantly do it because you want to. Being busy is vastly overrated, it's like putting quantity ahead of quality.
    Read, eat chocolate and go smell the flowers! Take care, Flighty xx

  3. Carrie,


    ME TIME is one of the most important things you can give yourself. Too many people think taking care of yourself is a big NO-NO; it seems selfish, but it's NOT.

    It's how you recharge your soul batteries. So, go for it. Nestle down with your book, tune out and be good to your self:~)

  4. Hi Carrie! have you had any sunshine over there in NI? I've been outside all day with my bum up in the air in typical gardeners pose! Back aches but satisfying area of freshly dug and weeded soil. xx

  5. I know how you feel... I have days like this. x

  6. I know exactly what you mean Carrie. I have SO MANY things to do, that really, really need to be done, and it just makes me incredibly anxious. (As I type I'm hold to Virgin trying to sort out a huge nightmare that's been hanging over me for ages. But you are right, busy is overrated, and I think I need to take a deep breath and work out what needs to be done and what doesn't.

  7. You know what? I have been busy all week, head all over the place, so much to do (even got the date of my friend's funeral wrong - how she would have laughed!), so today I am being totally selfish and catching up on my out of control catch up on blog reading. I feel so much better connecting with people and with each one I read, it's a nice leisurely tick against each one. Me's wonderful. You take care. Chel x


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