Wednesday, 24 April 2013


So here I sit alone for yet another day, with housework, books, Maggie and that constant feeling that I ought to be 'doing something worthwhile' with my life. I'm exhausted as I am every single day with all my medications, my double vision flaring up more often and a sense of deep sadness and anxiety that rarely leaves me now. All in all I feel both pathetic and incredibly frustrated almost to the point of anger at myself. It's all negative energy pulsating through me but at least it's energy none the less and things are getting done, albeit on a smaller scale than I would hope for.

BUT then again..

To my mind one of  our principle duties and privileges in life is to be there for others, bringing a smile, reassurance and love into their lives. I talk a lot about how I am nothing - I have no job, no degree, no children, but I do offer one heart.



This past weekend we didn't get anything done on the plots as we fostered a little pup from the pound. We had him for the weekend and into Monday morning and tentatively called him Otis. He was a chihuahua border collie mix (think about that one for a while, hehe) and was utterly adorable, full of love and trust and in need of a little help.

He hadn't been neutered yet, he had a wee problem with his bum but the thing that ruined it all was I was allergic to his hair. I was really heartbroken, his health problems could be sorted but I couldn't stop itching, parts of my face swole up and my eyes puffed up like soufflĂ©s and even my ear tubes hurt. There was no way we could keep him and he was returned to that concrete cage in the pound again.

I'm still feeling upset about it but Maggie is benefiting from my need to nurture and she has been groomed, tickled, chased, given biscuits and allowed off the lead nearby to truly bound around :) She is my bestest pal.



But you come here to hear about gardening and what not - it is an allotment blog after all. So to tie in with the theme of today I would love to talk about companion planting and learn what your experiences have been like.

I am planting my marigold seeds tonight and the peas and beans are going into the ground at the weekend. But in our experience with chives, marigolds and nasturtiums we have yet to see any noticeable improvement in having companion plants. Yes they certainly are worth trying and maybe we haven't done it on a big enough scale; they do big in a lot of pollinators which is always good and they look gorgeous. So obviously I recommend them whole heartedly - there are so many companion planting ideas here; I think we ought to try more...

But I have waffled on long enough...there's a small dog in need of tickles :D

Thank You so much for all the comments on 'The Glorification of Busy' Post - I will answer them all later xx



  1. Sorry things didnt work with Otis :( you said peas and beans again....which again brought me back to frank and .....!!! why is your cousin SO weird ;p

  2. What a shame about Otis,

    As for companion planting must admit I am a skeptic!

  3. Ali - you are mental xx

    Sue - oooh I am so glad I'm not alone, hahaha xx

  4. What a shame about Otis.
    It's good to see you're busy sowing lots of seeds. I don't really bother with companion planting as that would mean planning and faffing around.
    Take care and happy gardening. Flighty xx

  5. Sorry about Otis, but he is so cute he will find someone who isn't allergic to him I am sure. All of your plants look incredibly healthy. Wish mine did! I don't do companion planting - I have enough to do with the ordinary planting! It does look pretty though. Maybe if I happen to see some marigolds later on in the season I will scatter them in. Hope you feel better in yourself soon, I am sending you a hug.

  6. I'm so sorry about Otis. I had a similar thing happen with a cat. I wanted to adopt another cat, but my cat definitely disagreed with my decision. The one I wanted to adopt was young and I felt awful having to take her back, but I did.

    The pictures of your plants are such a lovely shade of green...just reminds how happy plants look:~)

  7. I've tried companion planting but I don't think I've done it long enough to notice any results... So I'll be learning something from you...

    P.S... I read your other blog about

    " BUSY IS OVER RATED! that is very true.... It's so important to take a little me time to get refresh both mentally and physically..Grate Post!

  8. Oh. My. That pup is ADORABLE! I'm so sorry you're allergic. I know you would've given Otis tons and heaps of loves and kisses.

    I'm sorry the anxiety and sadness are your close companions. Praying that they'll leave you!

  9. Maggie is probably glad to have to herself!


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