Saturday, 15 December 2012

Our Wintery Back Garden

I have the flu, it's destroying me!!! How does the body make up so much of that yucky green stuff?? I am drowning in it and I'm in a terrible huff most of the time. But I have my 3 Mint tea, old movies on the TV, the Christmas tree is up and lights are twinkling so I feel OK otherwise. Maggie has a Christmas outfit which she doesn't seem too fussed on but it does look hilariously cute on her. The Christmas shopping is all sorted, wrapped and under the tree and my craft fairs are over for the year :) Plus I got an early pressie - a new just published book to review that I'll share with you next time.

So the back garden. I thought it would be nice to show it off as though things have slowed way down and colour is not abundant I am still proud of how well things are settling in. This will be our 3rd Christmas in this house but only the 2nd with a garden and I think you'll be quite proud of us too :)

Taken from Andrew's study. I could have gotten everything in at once but I hadn't gone out yet and so there was a bit of mess over on the left hand side where we keep all those different bins the council gives us. Ahhh the joy of cropping photos so your viewer only sees what you want them too, hehehe.

A little vignette of the colour that is in the garden - beautifully healthy green of the Camellia and Ivy; the blue of the sky with the bare branches of the Birch; Moss in amongst the rocks; the Jasmine leaves.

I think the handmade concrete bubble bowl is even better looking now it has aged, I love the algae and tiny bits of moss growing on that once white surface.

But to be true, this is my favourite thing outside right now (apart from the birds of course which I spoke of last time). The Winter Flowering Cherry which doesn't seem to care what time of the year it is, it's always got a few and I adore them, so delicate and papery but such a strong herald of hope and new life.

Winter won't last forever. There are only 6 more days until the days start to get longer again :)

Hugs and love


  1. Only 6 more days, and I can dream of not having sweat dripping down my cheeks as if I'm sobbing my heart out. We dream of sea breezes. The bubble bowl makes a delightful focal point. You haven't shown us that before?

  2. I like the cold and jumpers etc just not the dark and flu. You can keep your sweaty summers, haha.
    I did write about the bubble bowl before as part of a piece on the back garden here...
    Hugs xxx

  3. Doesn't time fly - it doesn't seem long that you were moving in. The Maggie photo would make a great Christmas card.

  4. YAYYYY!!!! That's what I always think too... when the shortest day of the year is upon us, that's when we have to celebrate the days getting longer again!!!! :))) Hahaha but I don't like sweart summers either, I know that from Rhodes! ;D
    Maggie looks SOOOO cute in that Santa costume!!!
    And your garden looks great even in the winter time!!!
    Get well soon, sweet Carrie, a BIG hug to you!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Carrie girl I am in love with those beautiful cherry blossoms and amazed it can happen this time of year!!
    I too am feeling not so great .. been drinking all sorts of "healthy" drinks and waiting for a miracle to happen ? LOL
    I have been terrible and not sent out any Xmas cards this year .. it is all e-cards and that is when I can drag myself over to the computer to try and organize a few.
    What can I say, I am a mess ! LOL
    Love Maggie in her sweet suit .. I just put up a new header picture with my girls in their Xmas mood ? haha .. about as good as mine?
    I have to run and jump in bed to warm up now. Take care sweet girl .. the light will be lasting longer soon : )
    PS .. we don't have the "white" in our Great White North yet !!

  6. I love it as we move towards the shortest day! I used to curse Winter, and double curse Autumn for making Winter happen, but now I'm not so hard on either: a bright Winter's day is a fantastic thing I reckon, and I love seeing everything pared back to basics, both in the garden, allotment and in the countryside.

  7. Just adore the picture of Maggie, almost as much as the picture of the Winter flowering cherry! stunning.


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