Friday, 21 December 2012

In the fullness of time

The days are getting longer again my friends and the World didn't end today either so I guess it's a good time to celebrate and a good time to write to you and send you a whole load of Winter Love.

I hope the dark days and the poor weather (in this Northern Hemisphere anyway) hasn't got you too down. I have had the flu for a month, it's been a nightmare; where does all that phlegm come from, why have I missed dinners out and friendly house gatherings due to looking, sounding and generally being a gross mucus-y monster :( ??

It all seems so very unfair, but it's not, not really. I have decided to believe that everything is happening exactly as it should be, that my life is going along just fine thank you and that no matter the darkness, Spring is sure to follow.

May you all be merry and bright, may your Christmas be fun and full of love and may you end this year healthy and with the ones you love. And hopefully with some great food you've grown yourself and fab Allotment based gifts from Santa (you have been good all year after all!) I'll share my own great food and drink with lots of photos and stories after the big day, plus I have a few books I'd like to share just in case you get money in your Stocking :)

Get ready for the start of those green shoots and remember that Mother Nature is just taking it a little easier and even she is dreaming of the joy to come, all in good time.


  1. YAY the world didn't end, we're still here living and loving life although it's tough at times, creating, enjoying and loving!!!!!
    And the days will get longer little by little! YAY! I SO loved your last sentence, dear Carrie... that's so true, and I love remembering this too! :)

    Have a WONDERFUL Christmas time with your loved ones, sweet Carrie!!!
    Your friend Anna

  2. Have yourselves a lovely Christmas, and let's hope that we all have a wonderful growing season next year.
    Take care, and hugs. Flighty xx

  3. Have a great Christmas, hope Yule was good to you. Lets hope the weather next year will be better than it was this year.

  4. And happy Christmas to you, Carrie. I've done absolutely nothing in the garden since ...not sure since when. I'm beginning to wish for a bit of snow for a real excuse not to get out there and tidy up. Looking forward to seeing the greens shoot up in your gardens.

  5. Ah Carrie, Merry Christmas to you all. Steve, Liverpool

  6. Hi, just spotted your blog mentioned in Grow Your Own magazine on page 77 of the February edition. Don't know if you got a copy yet. It's great to be mentioned in a plant mag, you're famous now.

  7. LOVE all round. Hope you had a great one everyone xxxxxx

    Liz?? - what, me?! oh. my. goodness. Thanks for letting me know

  8. A belated thank you - sorry to have been absent but Christmas has been fraught!


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