Friday, 7 December 2012

I'm coming back :)

Tomorrow sees my last craft fair of the year with my wee business Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography. I'm going to be at the RSPB Headquarters for N Ireland in Belvoir Park, Belfast. Hopefully I get some nice photos of the day and of the bird cakes they are making etc. I'll gather what information I can on keeping our feathered friends super duper happy through the Winter too.

Then I shall be back to lottie blogging - hurrah!!

* Though please be kind, I may not get to the actual plot for a while as it is so cold, bbrrrrrr. Blog material may be more home based*


  1. home-based is good - would love to see how your garden is doing. Winter bones to be fleshed out in spring.

  2. Hope you have done really well.

  3. Have a great time at the craft fair, sweet Carrie!!! And may it be a GORGEOUS one!!!!
    Lots of love!

  4. Will you be drawing plans? I LOVE plans and yours always make me pick up my colouring pencils and graph paper :)

  5. oh lovely people, hugs galore!!
    The craft fair was fab and I shall fill you in, the garden is going to be photographed in a moment and yes! I think I shall draw my own version of the new plan for 24a, my colouring pencils have been crying out to me :) xxxx


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