Saturday, 29 December 2012

Getting stuck in :)

Is there a better way to work off those extra Christmas calories than getting stuck into the Lottie? Well, considering the fact that the weather was fine, dry but cool though not cold and there was a complete and utter lack of any other people around the plots my personal answer would be ~ no, no there isn't.

We (and that includes Maggie for about 30mins before she started shaking - not working makes you feel cold!) had a fab time yesterday and even though the plot was water logged. We managed to feel the joy and just get excited with ideas and plans for the future; plus the bulbs are coming up :) Spring is on her way people; let's dance!

Here are a few wee photos I just feel like sharing. Okay, it is weed infested all over again, the water has made the place a swamp and I couldn't even face going over to 14b BUT it was also great conditions for getting some weeds up roots and all and gave us an excuse to try out our new coffee mugs and visit the Gleno shop for hard landscaping supplies......

  .....Andrew also dug up, split and replanted the 24a rhubarb over onto 14b. The roots and crown on that beast = wow!!! Again, seeing the new growth was so fabulous, a real kick in the butt to my mood which always gets worse in the depths of Winter. Haha - I laugh in the face of you Depression.

Love and kisses - we're going back tomorrow and have great plans to work extra hard. Could someone remind me to get my new music uploaded onto my MP3 player for the event? Thanks xx In return I have photos of Christmas dinner I have to share, Andrew did us so proud and there was homegrown and homemade food and drink ;)


  1. I didn't know that you had a rill on your plot:)

    All we're doing is gathering vegetables as it is just too muddy for much else.

  2. Sue ~ Such cheek, I can barely believe it! A rill indeed, well I never.
    We're getting great parsnips, it must be said but luckily we can always find plenty to get on with even in the swamp :)

  3. I love your little dog! What breed is it? Really happy to have found your blog, it's really interesting. I find gardening very therapeutic, it's one of the only times where I can completely switch off and have a quiet mind. I love it! Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

    Anna B

  4. Anna - Hello :) Maggie is a mini Schnauzer and an absolute delight.
    Thanks for your comment about my blog and hurrah for you too finding gardening therapeutic :)

  5. Lucky you being able to do something on your plot. Mine's way too soggy and if I ventured onto it I'd probably sink! Flighty xx

  6. Hurray hurray for new growth -- and Andrew. Perhaps he'd like to pop by California for a little digging and planting? You and Maggie come, too, okay? Hugs to you for a terrific new gardening year.

  7. Flighty - stay away from your plot, we need you!!

    Nikkipolani - YES, yes we would love to come to California and work in your garden! Maggie hasn't got a passport though :( But Andrew and I are there, booking tickets now, lol! xx Happy 2013 lovely lady x


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