Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Parsnip of Glory

Andrew and I have the flu and we both feel so ill we could happily sit and moan, cough, sniffle and cry all day long hiding in a fort built of blankets. One minute I'm roasting, the next I'm shivering and quite frankly I feel like poo.

So I was just in the kitchen there - quite literally cooling down my feverish head in the fridge. When I saw the remains of ' the parsnip of glory' and thought - ah ha! boasting about something will make me feel much better ;)
This parsnip was 5 inches wide at the top! Super long as you can see and tasted excellent - so sweet and um..parsnip-y. It's a 'gladitor' which we just gave a try this time round to compare and contrast with our usual 'tender and true' variety. Well boy!, though the 'tender and true' are exactly that (as usual) they can't compete with the awesome-ness of 'gladitor' for size and thus value for money for the same insane sweetness levels. It also keeps extremely well in the frozen ground and in said fridge (we really will have to use the rest of it up).

Anywho - just a quick post. *Cough - blows nose* I'm off to get some hot mulled wine ~ purely for medicinal reasons you understand :)
Andrew has started work in the back garden so I will hopefully have news and photos soon, once we both kick this flu up the bum, gggrrrrrrr.

Hugs from a far - stay well xxxxx


  1. Top parsnip! Please to hear it tasted so good as well, as once vegetable start getting so big they often lose their taste.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. oh hello Rob and welcome to my humble blog in this new year :)
    Thank you for your get well wishes and really do need them - *cough, splutter* x

  3. Get well soon dear Carrie and Andrew and may you stay well for the rest of the year.
    I have to dig the rest of my parsnips up that have over-wintered, I only hope they aren't that big though as I had enough trouble digging up some half as big. x

  4. Hope you are better soon. Great parsnip, Gladiator is the main show variety of parsnip and one I'll be having a go at this year.

  5. Wow!

    (don't show Soilman*)

    Hope you both feel better soon.


    but his blog's a top read most of the time.

  6. Brilliant parsnip - hope that you are both soon better. I can't believe that the word verification that came up was trafflu

  7. wow thas a whoppa :) i hope i have as much joy with mine this year. happy new year x

  8. that parsnip is AWESOME and funny and possibly a world record holder. I hope you and Andrew start feeling better asap!

  9. I'm exhausted but I think a little better (touches wooden coffee table) - just popped in quickly - thank you for all the messages. Andrew feels like poo but was at work today - he's a trooper xxx

    Wasn't it just as I said - a parsnip of glory indeed! :)

    Celia - I've just done a bad thing to Soilman (who I read to)......

  10. The Gladiator is also my favourite variety
    As Damo said, it is a top show variety which I am also trying this year. I am hoping it will be a minimum of 4' long with all the work on the set up I have put in
    Hope you get well soon, I've had it and it's bloody awful

  11. Oh my! What else can I say? :)
    Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Darren - thank you, it's a flu that just keeps on giving! Good luck with your gladitor :)

    Mo and Steve - Hello! Yes all we can do is reveal in the glory.... and then eat it.

  13. Amazing parsnip - very jealous!! We failed miserably on the parsnip front this year...oh well, there is always next year. Hope you feel better!


  14. What a whopper!

    Hope it tasted as good as it looks.

    Best wishes


  15. I hope that you're both feeling better!
    I'm growing parsnips for the first time this year and hope that their like that! Flighty xx

  16. That parsnip is an affront to decency. I am totally jealous.

  17. i dug some of my Gladiators up and they where as big as yours i was worried that thy would lose there lovely taste with them being so big but they where perfect hope you both get well soon x x


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