Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Maybe I made a mistake in trying to watch a programme on TV about the meaning of reality. Physics my friends is a odd world and when it is based on the language of maths (which is all Greek to me) it really becomes a whole load of very intelligent sounding nonsense. Away - one theory about the idea is that we live in multiple realities - many different dimensions. In this one here I am writing to you, but there are other Carries in other dimensions, cutting hair, driving a car, making dinner, dancing, sleeping - the list is endless..
The only thought I had (other than why on earth do we torture ourselves with these questions? - we always need to know the answers don't we?) was in each of these dimensions there better be FLOWERS! darn it all to heck.

I do not need some fancy pants PhD professor-of-all things to tell me about reality. To be honest, completely honest, is not reality merely what we choose to see, hear, believe. My reality is most certainly different to yours and all I know (and care about) there are things in the world that make us sad and things that make us happy - in MY version of reality I bloody well want more happy.

I beg you to plant more seeds this year than you had intended, to grow more varieties, share seedlings, guerrilla garden ;) Gather more hedgerow fruit, to go for more walks in the countryside, take more photos, be more spontaneous, grow flowers on your plots to make the bees happy and dance. Yes I said dance. Be a part of reality, don't watch from the outside and wonder what does it all mean - make it mean something to you everyday - make it mean a chance to be happy to share love, to tend to your earth, your soul.


  1. Wise words my friend! I will scatter spare seeds on bare patches of earth in between my veggies. That has to be better than bindweed and dock leaves doesn't it?

  2. oh you angel - thank you xxx

  3. That programme was interesting but all way beyond me!
    I shall be sowing lots of seeds and talking to my plants but I don't think I'll chance dancing round the plot as it's overlooked by some flats! Flighty xx

  4. Dance at home Flighty - curtains drawn - no excuses ;) xxxxx

  5. Sounds a bit like Fringe!

    We always plant more seeds than we intended and more varieties that we intended. Tick to sharing seedlings too but does wanging snails and slugs count as guerilla gardening?

  6. Great post, Carrie!
    I've lived in the 'Here and Now' since my Mum departed this world somewhat abruptly about 13 years ago and I've never been happier.
    I shall be ecstatic as soon as I am able to dance, and when I can I shall do a little jig for you :)

  7. agreed! there HAD better be flowers in each dimension.

    Guerrilla gardening? I LOVE the concept. and you are right, I need more flowers in my world this year.

  8. Well after reading that post, i am off to the garden centre tomorrow, to double the amount of wild flower seeds that i already have to Guerrilla sow all round the trading estate where i now work.
    Wonderful words Carrie that put my attempt at blogging this week to shame! :)

  9. GLA - as long as no one sees you do it - throwing slugs is an absolute must ;) x

    Mo - you make a very pertinent point there, why does it take a big drama to make us see the important things in life?? Life for the moment and may you be jiving dancing soon :)

    AG - You bet, flowers everywhere!!
    We have guerilla gardened at the lottie 2 years in a row now - hazel trees and daffs :)

    Simon - welcome. Your blog is lovely. Thank you for your kind words - you had me tear up *blush*. More seed buying needs to be done, hahahaha

  10. Carrie,

    I agree we each have our own reality and that's enough for me. I don't think I WANT to think about a lot of realities.

    I loved how you closed this post. I think it is important to enjoy our reality and to dance in it. I wish the same back at you:~)

  11. Sara - thank you so much. Sorry I didn't take part in this weeks photo challenge - I have ideas but I just can't seem to get them down on paper! Alas and alack, woe is me xxx

  12. That's a great paragraph to end on Carrie, I shall try and live to that everyday!

  13. Thank you Damo - wouldn't it be great if we could all live a bit more like that? I'm so glad you are going to join me and give it a try xxx

  14. How very wise you are, young Carrie.
    I have been inattentive and I apologise. It will not happen again.
    Especially with that very lovely Poppy picture.


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