Friday, 14 January 2011

Make Our Own (then scoff it all)

As you know we haven't exactly been the bestest allotmenteers recently. But then again you have been unbelieveablely sweet about it all and confessed in many cases to not having got up to speed yet either ;) Tomorrow we firmly intend to work on some aspect of either our little garden or the lottie - or indeed both, dare I say it! Let's whisper it so the flu can't hear us....

Anyway I have happy joious news to share to do with the glorious Celia of Purple Podded Peas who has throughily put paid to my seedless gripe. But I shall do that later, for now I want to share the childish giggles we have just had in the kitchen Making Our Own.....

 melting the 70% chocolate with a little honey

 mixing the krispies in and adding chocolate buttons (well why not?!)

finishing up and putting it in the fridge - the cake stand awaits

posh dark chocolate rice krispie buns



  1. Yum - are you sharing? ;)

    Do go and buy some flowers - daffodils are just the thing for this time of the year :)

  2. Good way to start the New Year with a choc fest me thinks. I love it. I am in Roscommon also nursing a sort of mild flu head. Pamper, pamper. Hope it's a good year for you.

  3. I hope that you're both beginning to feel better. I'm sure that scoffing all that helped! Flighty xx

  4. oh gosh! way to tempt me on a monday morning...

  5. OMG Carrie .. if I don't get to comment on anything else .. this is insanely tempting and making me crazier than usual .. eeekkk !
    I really NEED some of these !!
    Joy : )


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