Tuesday, 9 November 2010

So, who would live in a house like this? pt1

Me - "Welcome to our living room, please do take a seat. :)"
"What? There aren't any, there isn't anything in this room at all, bar your lovely hubby!" - says you.
"Ah, ...yes" - says me, "okay come back in 6 weeks and we'll start over". *blush*

Yes there isn't any thing there to speak of, though we have got the general components (walls, ceiling, floor, windows) and a rather snazzy fireplace on the wall. If you just give us a load of time at the hardware shop and ikea and let us get our furniture from Mamma G's house oh and some new cushions and let Andrew lay a floor..........
You knock the door....here we go are again.

"Hello" says I in my poshest accent, "please do come in and welcome back"


Now haven't we done well. The walls are painted in 'Dragon's Blood' and 'Regency Cream' - I love paint names :) All the furniture was ours, just stored in Mamma's house (poor lady, she has had so much clutter in her house - actually *blush* she still has...) apart from the table, which was Mamma's and I have stripped it, stained it and waxed it back to a new lease of life. I'm quite proud of it - it has an extendable top and when you pull the 2 halves apart the middle is tiled in delicious 60s/70s muted tiles in cream and well, darker cream. We now have another piece from a charity top which I intend to work on - it's fun :)

We finally got some of our art on the walls which feels wonderful and really makes it a home. That chair and those coaster don't belong in this room, they were taken from the kitchen. You see I took these photos on a night when we had friends coming and thus it was tidied up for a change, hahaha.

So there you go, I shall show you the kitchen/diner next time xxxxx


  1. Hi Carrie
    It looks fab,I love the colours and the curtains have the same header rings as mine. I love them as they are so simple. My sister hates them as they remind her of shower curtains, but they are the ones for me.
    Maggie looks so sweet lurking in the hallway. It all looks cosy, can't wait to see the rest.
    M xx

  2. Like the leafy curtains and the lampshade in the corner! We miss Ikea. Still living with decades old Ikea brought in when we came back from Switzerland, the second, and the third, time.

  3. I love my curtians - they're from Next, the curtain poles are Ikea and I too love their simplity. The lampshade is from B&Q but the lampstand is an antique - passed down in the Gault family :)

  4. FAB post - you've been so busy! Well done!!!!

    I thought Maggie wasn't in any of the photos but then I spied her in the hall too :) how is she settling in?

    I love the colours and everything looks really home-y, great to see that you have one of your photos up on the wall :)

  5. Maggie totally settled in in no time. She even has her oen 2 seatter sofa, haha.
    If you look at the left hand side of the fire place the mosaic and the 3 large photos there are mine too ;)

  6. Carrie Girl this is beautiful !!
    I love your colour scheme and that fireplace is wonderful .. this room is so cozy and will be filled with much laughter and love : )
    Maggie must finally be very content indeed ? ;-) .. as you and Andrew are! ..
    Joy : )

  7. Oh, Carrie, it's so beautiful! You really have an eye for design!

    Love the combo of "Dragon's Blood" & "Regency Cream" -- and I, too, love paint names. Your table refinishing is marvelous. I knew you were multi-talented, but I had no idea your skillset extended to furniture reclamation. ;)

    Congratulations again to both of you. It's lovely.

  8. It looks great, dragon's blood what a colour!

  9. Looking good, and where I'm sure that you'll be doing lots of sofa flying over the winter planning your lovely garden to be! Flighty xx


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