Monday, 8 November 2010

Blogging deliquent/ the prodigal daughter returns, with tales of pumpkins

Humbly I slink back to my laptop and actually click on my own blog to write a post instead of just reading all yours. I have been neglectful I know but I am here now to try and rectify that even though it is so NOISY OUTSIDE I CAN BARELY HEAR MYSELF THINK!!!

First off I found this delightful little photo of the last flowers to be cut from the allotment. They are sitting here on top of a bookcase which has a window on either side = lovely soft light streaming in. They look almost as if they are in a mist. That was a great bunch of flowers :)

Then we move on to Pumpkin season and what a joy it was this year - we planted some and they grew! Last year's crop was very upsetting but this year was fab, although not massive fruits boy they were tasty. Here's a few little ones just finished ripening up on the window sill. We still have some bigger green ones outside to eat - yum. I'll get the names of the different varieties we grew off Andrew tonight and then I'll up date this little post. I'm pretty sure one was 'Little Dumpling' and another was a Japanese variety and yet another was something like Jack O'lantern. But the expert is off at work so we shall have to wait and see ;)
Andrew made the most amazing Pumpkin and Jerusalem Artichoke soup and also carved this year's Halloween Pumpkin all by himself. I have a couple of photos of it - it was rather impressive looking (proud wife). The neighbours did have lots of carved ones on the doorstep area but we don't know each other yet and they may have been slightly miffed at me taking photos -haha.

Unlike last year, when the Halloween pumpkin was carved by yours truly at the lottie with a dirty penknife on a dirty bench - this year we were able to keep the seeds and clean them off, roast them, sprinkle them with some spices and have a delicious healthy jar of yummy snacking seeds. Oh they are so moreish - we have both been having to rein ourselves in and not eat them as much as we want or they'd all be gone way before now. It's well worth the effort though - unless you save yours for planting, then....well I don't know if a spice coated, roasted seed produces a spicy roasted flavoured pumpkin but...;)

More soon - I have finally taken some photos of the living room and kitchen, though now that I look at them, the rooms have further evolved since Saturday, haha :)


  1. The small ones are all you need really for a tasty meal aren't they?

  2. oh yes - you are so right :)

  3. Hi, I'd like to know what the green-striped variety is as I grew one this year and can't remember what it's called!

  4. That's a lovely looking bouquet!
    I've still got most of my mini-pumpkins, and wondering what to do with them! Flighty xx

  5. And why should the new neighbours be even slightly miffed if you take a picture? Of carved pumpkins deliberately displayed on the front door step? That is a Photo Op ;>)

    Would like to see your new house inside ...

  6. My mother's father, who I never met was from Northern Ireland. I wear my shamrock on St Patrick's Day for him. You would be a welcome visitor!

  7. @ damo- the green striped ones are sweet dumpling, which i highly recommend. The orange one is uchiki kuri, also very good.

  8. I will forgive you for growing flowers on your lottie - because your pumpkins are so darn good! Excellent stuff. Are you suffering the after effects of the Jerusalem artichokes yet?

  9. Oh Diana - people in NIreland can be very funny about you taking photos of their homes! But none of them were as good as Andy's away ;)
    Plus, wow, I don't think I've ever worn shamrock on St Paddy's Day - you're a better Irish girl than me!

    Matron - I thank you for you blessing on my flowers now :) What effects - I'm a lady, we don't have wind problems, hahahaha

  10. Hi Carrie... I am so glad I finally found you... had gone to your other blog about the public benches and left a comment, and then onto another blog and left a comment, and now...finally found you here! Wonderful! You write so well,like a friendly writing--as if the reader was a friend. I loved the photo of Andrew on the side--I laughed out loud! And your dog, Maggie! I have had 2 mini Schnauzers in the past and yearn for one now! I really enjoy Schnauzers--the perfect dog! I see many interesting posts here, so I will take a look/read around and stop back in soon. We are heading into winter here--yuck! But are thankful for the great weather recently. Take care and God bless!

  11. OMG Carrie .. there is another "Joy" on here ?
    I love love love the pumpkin kids you have and the carved one is just too perfect : )
    We used to do the seeds up like that and YES ! they are so yummy it is hard to stop eating them once you get going ? haha
    Glad to see you were able to post!
    Joy .. CANADIAN Joy .. of GardenJoy .. ME !!

  12. Joy - I'm so very glad you found me too - welcome please do come and visit often :) Mini Schnauzers are the best dogs EVER! I feel we could be best friends already if that's how you think too, hahaha.

    Erm...Joy - You will always be my first 'Joy' don't fear I am not fickle and I love you loads darlin'. I am just going to go and eat more seeds now you've mentioned it again - oh! and last night I saw a recipe for maple syrup and spice pumpkin seeds...may have to try that one too. Love you x

  13. Oh what beautiful photos you have! I absolutely love the first one, the flowers. That soft background against the pastel colours is so calming :-)


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