Friday, 19 November 2010

A beautiful Autumn day

I have been so busy this week, you simply must forgive me ;) I have my very 1st craft fair tomorrow, or rather, today as it is now way past my bedtime!! I am going to Cookstown (which has the longest street in Ireland, maybe even Europe - wow, I know) to try and ply my photographic and crafty wares. Please send all the most powerful and optimist vibes you can, I need them - eek!

So last weekend Andrew and I went for a lovely drive. We do happen to live in one of the most amazingly gorgeous places in the world - the Antrim Coast. So we drove and stopped for a beer and then went to Carnfunnock Country Park to revel in the beauty of the autumnal colours with our wee Maggie in tow. Here are a few (I think) delightful photographs to prove, if proof were needed, that Autumn, although often despressing can in fact be one of the most nautrally glorious times of the year.....

My love, as always...

Ummmmmmm, a collage would have been good here but I am far too sleepy...
Talk next week as we are off to Dublin for the weekend - yippppeeee!


  1. I love the photo of the sheep in the field. I too, think that Autumn at times can be depressing because dark cold winter's here in the state of Michigan often follow. But it has it's moments of breathless beauty as you have shown in those photos.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lovely photo's Carrie. Ooohhh lucky you -off to Dublin ! if you go into 'The Brazen Head' or into ' O'Donaghues' on Merrion Row have a jar for me. Our 2 fave places for a good 'session' the musicians are usually first class.
    have fun and don't forget to post some pics.
    M x

  3. Best of luck for the craft fair! I need one of those beer signs, spot on.

  4. Oh, wow, Carrie! What a glorious autumn series. I especially love the mystical white berries with stained-glass green leaves in the back... and the sheep. Yes, sheep are rather exotic for me. That shot especially says, "Don't you want to travel?" to me. ;)

    Sending you fantastic vibes for your craft fair success. I'm just betting you will have a wonderful time and that everyone will want a bit of what you've got. You're so talented!

  5. Lovely photos! I hope that the craft fair went well and that you're enjoying the weekend. Flighty xx


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