Saturday, 13 November 2010

So who would live in a house like this? pt 2

Welcome to our kitchen/dining area. We haven't done anything in here yet bar bring in our furniture and I bought the funky new red clock. We have the tiles ordered for the rest of the room - the builders only did the 'kitchen' so we've had to get the dining area done ourselves. Lucky our builders are super nice and got us discount on the same tiles from their supplier - every little helps.
In the mean time we just cook in it (well Andrew does, I just don't cook) and Maggie sleeps over by the door, ha, there she is showing off her area of the house. We are (I say 'we' but I mean Andrew, as I am obviously sitting on my bum writing this) at the moment moving round our white bookcases tthat will go eaithher side of the red sofa and then we'll get the wall mounted long one to join them together above our heads. We have ssoooooo many books, we LOVE books. Once we get them all brought round I ought to take a photo of the garden ones we have in themselves - it would a good stack!

Anyway this room needs love and attention but not right now - we are burnt out! The french doors slide open unto the garden which is a sun trap and nice and seclued, but as yet only has mucky clay and 2 bins and 2 bamboos in pots, hahaha. Andrew is going insane with his desire to garden out there and always has his head over the squared drawing pad, designing everything to scale :) But more about that all in good time - I want you to be excited :)

Oh --- A few weeks ago I mentioned that Mamma G had gone to Italy and brought us back the largest lemon EVER. Even though this is a small one! Mamma had to bring it home, just so we could marvel in it's awsomeness - here beside a good sized 'normal lemon' :) The wine in the background is literally called 'The Tears of Christ' !! - it was lovely. And the freaky lemon is now yellow.....
 I'm off now, Andrew is working away, I'm exhausted and very thirsty and just want to rest! Darn it. Oh and there are Maltesers to eat and a 'Take That' documentary to watch xxxx


  1. your new home is wonderful, in fact - charming! i think maggie is precious also

  2. Your house looks lovely. And so tidy, I struggle to see our carpet sometimes!

  3. It all looks rather super, mind you it really does need your books to give it that proper 'lived in look'.
    I don't blame Andrew, however for a while yet I guess that he'll have to make do with armchair gardening!
    Take care, Flighty xx

  4. Wow, that lemon is a freak, for sure. And the "Tears of Christ" reminds me of a Romanian wine F. & I drank on New Year's Eve 2008, called "Poet's Tears." Only that was so fruity sweet, I couldn't handle much of it, and then afterwards I thought we'd been nuts to drink anything called *tears* to mark the new year.

    Your new place is so lovely, Carrie. I'm jealous of that super nice kitchen. I do all the cooking around here, and our kitchen is too teeny and old for my taste. Please do show us once the bookshelves are up and filled -- books make a house a home. :)

  5. I was wondering how Maggie was! Lovely to see her again. Do send her my love from Matron and Buddy!!


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